Monday, September 25, 2017

exercising my own self control-- sort of

If you visit Facebook, you know it's a hotbed of political and partisan rage-- both sides. I wonder sometimes why I go there as it has as many negatives as it does positives for me right now. I know why I have gone with friends there, where I want to know how they're doing. Does the good though now outweigh the negatives?

When I read someone's political rant, I am tempted to reply with my own take on whatever it is. Currently, it's about highly paid athletes angry at our country, Trump and deciding they need to make a political statement right before playing a game. Do they believe the owners pay them those exorbitant salaries out of their own wealth? Do they not understand ordinary people pay for tickets and subscriptions, often fund those coliseums out of tax revenues. And then are angered to be forced to watch them disrespect their country. The disconnect sometimes is unreal for how people don't connect actions to consequences.

Yesterday, at FB, I did reply to a liberal friend I use that term loosely as it's someone I don't know but on my friend list. I believe the person to be a liberal, not a left-winger and see him as someone who wants what is best for the nation. So I took the time to reply on a political issue and what a mistake. Someone else came in and took me to task for writing a lecture. See, I thought it was a discussion but to that person it wasn't-- at least not on my end. Once again, I thought, why did I reply to anything there. People really don't listen. They are there to vent and their friends then can vent with them.

So, this morning, I nearly did it again before I thought-- what am I doing and what will this change anything? It won't for the one who posted accusations of bigotry for anyone who didn't support the athletes taking a knee and understand how they have been wronged by being black in this country. Exactly, what she personally knows about that abuse, I have no idea. Does the abuse extend to the millions they get for playing professional sports? Maybe it does-- gladiators, dontcha know. Replying to her would've just gotten me another attack and for what gain?

Anyway, just because I didn't post my reply there didn't mean I had to lose it... Here it is and if you want to vent-- on either side of this, feel free.
I think the athletes have every right to do it. I also think the ones who go to their games have the right to stop going. Trump wasn't the first to condemn their action. If you know any conservative friends, you know that. Not standing began the summer before Trump was even his party's nominee.
Currently, left wingers are making it all about Trump, as another way to impeach or throw him out of  office. It was in the beginning, however, about claims the police are slave keepers. That the military and police are only there to serve the masters. The attack on the military is slowly being added, but one campus leader suggested veterans should not be admitted to four-year colleges-- maybe they can go to community colleges or trade schools. When the police are the bad guys, the military will not be far behind as part of those who keep order.

I see an opposing rage over this from my conservative friends. This is especially true of those with family in the military as they take not being willing to stand for the flag as attacking the ones who fight for it.

This is becoming one of those-- if you don't agree with 'me' whoever 'me' is, you are a bad person/communist/Nazi/bigot/destroyer. It goes right beyond I hate Trump to I hate anybody who doesn't think he's evil. Hillary, of course, is going around the country trying to stir up more rage-- like we needed it. She said the other day any woman who supports him 'disrespects herself.' She, the wife of Bill Clinton, said that...

The players make a LOT of money off those who buy high priced tickets or pay for sports channels and many of them are Republicans. The Repubs have every right to say not going to watch or pay for their disrespect-- and I'd suggest those who approve of kneeling start buying tickets, if they didn't before. Put their money where their mouths are and keep those players in the gold (and the team owners). I just read that the Pittsburgh coach gave Villaneuva a bad time because he didn't kneel with the rest of his team-- in other words, go with the group whether you agree or not. 

Trump doesn't help any of this, of course, as he stirs it up when he could just ignore it. His lack of emotional maturity (at the least) and the stupid tweets raise the temperature.
I'd like to see blacks talk about black on black violence, like in Chicago but what we saw was condemnation of the police, the ones who protect us all, that includes minorities. Yes, there have been police who used violence inappropriately but out of how many stops and arrests? [Police violence against blacks rare.] But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of a righteous rant...

Before I decided to stop reading anything political at FB, I read a good comment that asked, for these rich, young black athletes, do they go out into the community and try to make a difference for young blacks who need inspiration to go to college and get good jobs? Many of them may and it could make a difference for the next generation.


Majormajor said...

You experienced the same thing from Dave Dubya and Jefferson's Guardian. And who came to your defense? A Conservative.

I'm honored to call you a Fellow American.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree. It's a time of irony, isn't it *s* A lot of what I once believed has been challenged. At least though I am willing to reassess and not trapped in what I might've once believed when facts say otherwise.

Rain Trueax said...

By the way,I appreciated the support. I quit posting there because it's so erratic for when Tom will post someone's reply. It got weird for me. I don't moderate this one but would delete something really negative or nasty to others where they don't deal with issues but attack personalities.

T. Paine said...

Excellent post, Rain, as usual. Even when I disagree with you, I still respect your thoughtful and well-articulated positions.

Sadly, I quit Facebook a few years ago and have had to voice my opinion behind a pseudonym on my blog in order to protect my job from a hyper-PC human resources group of my large corporation for whom I work. They would not like my "hateful" support of traditional marriage and Christian morality. As I am always being monitored for each new project I take with the company, I figured it was best to simply remove myself from FB.

Heck, in that regard, I feel more actual oppression regarding my right to free speech than do many of these pampered millionaire athletes. lol!

Rain Trueax said...

I can see quitting it and it can get threatening. Those who work for an employer especially have to watch what they post there as they can lose jobs over it.

MandT said...

Hi there....responding to your note. I got this from Tara about organizations:

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you, MandT, I'll check out the link. Right now the main organizations have seemed to be ones I don't know. I've had Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood claiming they are helping there, but my big concern has been how the country rebuilds. Humanitarian aid is the immediate but long term, this is going to take infrastructure help. I marked the link to look at.