Tuesday, August 15, 2017


For me, last week was a week of grandsons. They are all back home, and today I have to get back into my regular routine of writing. With the boys here, I mostly had the news off but did read what was happening. I also commented on someone else's blog. I have more thoughts on the happenings in Virginia but for now, this is most of what I wrote there. 

I find it hard to believe we have gotten to where we are. Do we never learn and really go on, or is there something in our human DNA that again and again brings us to this kind of violent and ugly point?


I think Trump is more a prisoner of his own ambition and need to appeal to these people than he is their leader. He does not have courage. Most likely, he is not a personal bigot, but he doesn't mind using those who are. He didn't create them-- maybe you could say they created him. Most who voted for him are not white supremacists but the base, the ones he can count on, might well be; and with the country mostly against him, it's not hard to see his motivation on being careful what he says. 

In some ways, he's pathetic more than anything else-- like some of the fairy tale characters who pay a terrible price to get what they want and don't know in time what it is. I don't feel sympathy for him. He did this to himself. The bad thing is a lot of the politicians out there have done the same thing. Maybe it's a sickness in our country like McCain can now say what he wants when he won't run again but to get his last term, he sold out also. Hypocrisy thy name is politician.

Most people know Trump didn't create this terrorist mentality. They will remember the black church where the guy killed the parishioners in an attempt to start a race war. They will know about the militia groups spread around the country, training for some kind of civil war they expect or hope to create.

Recently, I learned that when civic groups meet in a nearby city, when they come out of such meetings (most planning for social events not political), outside on the street will be chalked symbols of hate. The haters have no way of knowing what the meetings are about but apparently find they are being held and spread their hate and attempt to intimidate. Those tactics are terrorism also. It doesn't take a lot of people. Not a lot of supremacists met in Virginia, but they sure got the attention they wanted and now it will be encouraging more as that kind of publicity does that.

In the '90s, my husband worked with an engineer originally from Taiwan. That guy was very into guns and drilled with militia type groups, where they played war games to train. There is a map out there that shows where they have bases in each state. Some regions have more of them but every state has some.

Years back, we were down in Southern Arizona, close to the border and exploring gravel roads as we love to do. We had a jeep come up fast on us, guys with militia gear and guns. They looked us over and drove off just as fast. A little after that, a border patrol agent also looked us over before turning around. This was long before Trump.

Today though is a scary time and it worries me because terrorism can work, which is why it's used, where people fear speaking out-- and it's not paranoia if it's a real concern. For me, the worrisome part of all this is-- how big is this terrorism supporting group?


Majormajor said...

How did you know the guys in southern AZ were conservatives?

Majormajor said...

The Rise of the Violent Left

Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?


Rain Trueax said...

This was a long time back and that group has been interviewed. I don't even know if they still exist on the border. I have no idea what their political response was just military gear and the guns, at that time, meant militia.

I am concerned over the way we're going with the left trying to shut down free speech, their control of so much of the media. This whole recent thing has been bad news for a nation that wants to keep voting and getting info on who is who.

What got me is how the elite media and frankly politicians on both sides are trying to say that Trump said neonazis and white supremacists have among them good people. He did not say that. He said those there that day could have also been good people. He did not say the woman who was killed was violent. He said among that side there were those who wanted violence. Anybody who watched any of that knows that was true. The way it was painted was not how he said. He is not exact often in how he says something and it gets him in trouble as much as what he might have meant to say something.

What upsets me is this has become, from the time Trump got elected, a time where issues are not discussed but it's either all about Russian collusion or now Civil War generals or even our own previous leaders from that period. Who benefits from this level of chaos?