Tuesday, August 08, 2017

falling into some holes is worse than others...

Recently, I've come to believe the most important issue for us to tackle, as a culture, is immigration. We've let it go too long and we need to protect our border as well as decide who we want to let into the country. I won't go into my thoughts on what we should do-- just that for me it takes precedence over taxes or health care. Not saying those aren't important but if we cannot protect the essence of who we are as a nation, protect our own people's quality of life, how will the rest matter? Or maybe for how long will they matter before it's all screwed up again.

The other thing is the difference between being wrong and lying. It seems the media just can't get that there is a difference. 

Of course, to have a president be habitually wrong, cannot be good. It's not great in our personal relationships either. Do we care enough to research whatever conflict is happening? Do our leaders?

Photo from Yellowstone trip.


Majormajor said...

At my age falling into any hole is not good.

Rain Trueax said...

MM, I totally agree