Saturday, July 01, 2017

voter fraud or suppression?

An issue that has recently arisen is the commission begun by the President to look into voter fraud. Nobody was bothered by this inquiry, until the word went out that they were asking states to give them voter information on all those who voted. Here's what it's about from as unbiased a source as I could find (not easy these days).

The object is the belief that states have been allowing voting by illegals as well as others without a right to vote (including the dead). Oregon was not on the list of those who have refused, but it has now said it won't do it. The objection is that information on party registration, voting record for ten years, part of the Social Security number, should not be held by the government in power. Voter rights are a state issue.

Richardson said, they can get their info the way any other citizen does-- pay $500. (he is by the way a Republican). From that article:
"It would be illegal for Richardson to refuse to release public information, including voter names, addresses, party affiliation and voting history, regardless of who requests it. But Richardson noted that Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers and some of the other data Kobach asked for is confidential under Oregon law and he is duty-bound to keep it private."
 One of the issues apparently relates to allowing felons to vote. This is determined by the states and only 12 deny felons the right to vote in perpetuity. Oregon is not one of them. 

The real fear, of course, is the belief that some states have been allowing non-citizens to vote thereby influencing election results. The voter ID card, which is much fought against by Democrats, would be one way to be sure all who vote have a right-- it also might suppress vote.

With Oregon's vote by mail, we have a pretty high turnout, and it allows ease of voting (still does not get 100% of those entitled). It's hard for me to understand why anybody does not vote. When someone does not, they lose their right to complain about the outcome-- at least until the next election.

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