Monday, July 10, 2017

one man's truth is is another man's lie

What we read or hear for news depends on whether we get multiple sources, whether we go for what we most want to hear, whether when we read something potentially disturbing, we look for more sources. Do we spread around the version we most want or accept there are other possibilities? Are we part of the solution or the problem?

I first heard the following at Facebook, from those who used it as evidence that Trump is crazy or senile and should be replaced. I then went looking for what was online and found many stories describing the event but not adding the crazy part. There are two versions to describe the video that is supposed to be proof of insanity. Which do you believe?
Version 1: Trump got off his plane and walked past the waiting Presidential limousine. A secret service agent stopped him and guided him back to his ride to the White House.

Version 2: Trump walked past the first of two black limos, both awaiting his arrival. Someone guided him back to the first one. Normally, the President would use the second one as the first is subterfuge in keeping attackers from knowing which he is in.
If you hated him, you only heard the first and went out spreading around evidence that he is insane. 

If you don't hate him, don't like him though, you might've ignored the whole story and still won't know the facts, which could have been that cameraman captured the moment where he was wandering around confused or that there are always two limos. Usually he is supposed to ride in the second. This time they wanted him the first. 

The President has to ride in the right one, as it's where the codes are waiting in case of an emergency. In that latter case, he didn't do anything nuts but the media, constantly clipping or using photos to be damaging created this non-story, knowing ordinary people, as well as blogs will spread it around to reassure themselves that they aren't wrong to hate him and to stir up fear.

This is what we face in our times. Is it any wonder many give up on the news? Even a picture today is evidence of nothing!


Ranch Chimp said...

I dont hate Trump, but sure as Hell wouldnt vote for him ... just another hustler to me. I voted for Clinton and didnt even want her (primaries voted for Sanders). The thing is, folks are talking about how evil or whatever he is ... he hasnt done much of anything yet, can you imagine what it will be like if her does do something really foul? {:-) Politics in America is kind of like a cesspool of basically neoliberalism (corporate communism) ... I been voting like clockwork for 42 years now, but not very excited with our 2 party duopoly.

Rain Trueax said...

It sounds like we agree as to our national dilemma. I don't like either party or our choices in our 'free' election. I first voted (when you had to be 21) in 1964, and bad as it has sometimes been, to me, this is the worst