Saturday, June 24, 2017

what does it mean?

In a divisive, name-calling time, I thought it'd be interesting to look at what being a conservative or a liberal means in terms of core beliefs. I know what each set out to do, but do the partisan actions fit the supposed beliefs?

Easy to find were core beliefs for conservatives if Kirk has it right.

 I had a harder time coming up with something similar for liberals. There are quotes out there by John F. Kennedy as to what he thought liberalism meant but today he'd have a hard time in the Democratic party as it's gone way far to the left... whatever left and right mean.

Classical liberalism though may have little to do with what passes for liberalism today. It is interesting that both the liberal and conservative core beliefs seem to want to limit the power of government-- but in different arenas. 

Are we left with anarchism if we merge the two?

This leaves what are called moderates or independents. Is there a set of core beliefs for them?

That was actually pretty close as in believing in the need for government but not one that leans too far one way or the other-- as in not throwing out one whole segment of the population in favor of another. It also explains why moderates can vote for either party under certain circumstances-- or at least used to before both parties went to the extremes for who they would run. Trump by the way was not run by the Republican party. Yes, he won their nomination but he ran on his own agenda-- whatever that might be at the moment ;) 

Too bad there is not a moderate party... 


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