Sunday, June 11, 2017

Cultural Issue Alert

If you aren't following the story of Evergreen College and what's happening on campuses across the United States, you may not be in college or have a loved one there. As for me, I am in total amazement in what I've been reading has been going on in our institutions of higher learning. I literally haven't understood how we got there. 

Naively, I thought colleges were to prepare students for a career and life of deeper understanding of how the world operates. It appears that's not what's been one of their primary goals-- many approve totally of what is. Is that a majority or are the majority of Americans more concerned with who won one of the reality shows?

Here are a few links to explain what's happening. Too bad they don't agree on the reasons.

When we let the students take over campuses and issue demands for what must be done does that mean the administrators have lost control or that they have been abusive and the students are finally speaking up for themselves? 

What good does a degree do in terms of jobs for a college like Evergreen with no grades or majors?  If a private college wishes to do that and is privately funded, that's fine with most people. When taxpayers discover schools like this have been spreading a philosophy without offering anything but that indoctrination, what taxpayer will be pleased? Why would parents send their kids to such schools???

From the student newspaper, the Cooper Point Journal:
 “Police are commissioned to maintain order, the current order of the world, and thus always inherently work in favor of the status quo. Police are peace keepers, but the kind of peace they keep is not peace as an end to structural violence, but a peace based in non disruption of the status quo. If you are a member of a group that the status quo does not favor, if you are among other things not white, not wealthy, not straight, or not cisgender, then the cops do not and can not work in your favor.
” … If the status quo at the Evergreen State College is institutional racism, and the police are here [to] protect the institution that shelters that form of institutional violence, they are a white supremacist threat.”
So if you don't want what the culture of your times wants, you must resist and tear apart the order-- and that means attack the police who are paid to keep order...

And what is this about a day without whites on campus? Why is that not racist? I know the liberal answer-- only those in power can be identified as racist.  


Ingineer66 said...

Many of these "protests" are just paid agitators that want violence and confrontation. I don't know what the end game is, but it has become all too frequent.

It is amazing to me that Free Speech used to be such a large part of college campii and now it is forbidden if your speech doesn't pass the liberal thought police muster.

Rain Trueax said...

Me too, ingineer. It is blowing me away :(. Let the other side make their point and show them why it's wrong. Now it's I am afraid to listen to their point and have to chant to keep my ears closed. Snowflakes indeed lol