Monday, May 08, 2017

what to do-- what to do...

This seemed to me an article worth reading and considering. It was posted by a friend on Facebook where I also shared it. I don't have to agree totally with something to consider it important as an idea we should consider. 

Where I disagree is being able to frame an issue in a way, that others get excited about, isn't all it takes to win elections. It's having an issue where the speaker/writer convinces others their way will improve their lives and the country.

When my friend shared this, she had one of her right wing friends who became infuriated with it or maybe her. It's not easy to share diverging opinions today. 

When I shared it, I said that I think he was wrong on what he said about Elizabeth Warren that she has the best ideas (this is true if someone is a fundamentalist left winger) but that she's hurt by her shrill voice.  He wrote it's not fair but people don't like women who are shrill. While the latter is true, they also don't like men who are shrill. I doubt Hitler could win over a crowd in today's political world. Warren needs to take some speech classes-- but her ideas are still pretty far left.

Currently, I see so many leftie friends concentrating on doing damage to the Republicans who voted for AHCA. They post lists regarding those who won't run again until 2018 while ignoring the reality that they didn't elect these people. Those Republican Representatives are getting votes from those who see things as they do. They ran on getting the ACA gone. 

So what a leftie should be doing right now (IMHO) is helping the races in Georgia and Montana where it's possible in first May and then June that a Democrat could take a Republican seat. This has the advantage of worrying someone like McConnell that the country isn't so pleased about AHCA as the House wants him to believe. Instead of threatening those not up for election-- donate to those who are, as they replace someone who was picked for the Trump administration. It might be satisfying to shriek or whine, but it doesn't change anything-- nor do riots in the streets. 

I said the same thing when the Occupy movement was taking over banks and streets. They needed to have candidates not riots. Voting changes things. Find out who is up for election where they are vulnerable-- that is if you actually want change. The other thing is-- make sure the change you want is affordable and better than what is already there. 

 Deer Dancer sculpture with last year's bounty from our garden. Think positive and live that way as much as possible. That changes our own life.  Image from one of our photos using Dreamscope filter.

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