Friday, May 12, 2017

what is true, beautiful and good

Mostly, the Rant has been a place for me to write what I think about an issue, event or person where it's political in nature. The situation has gotten so bad that I think I should not post here for awhile. The fake news is everywhere and deciphering which is true and which is planted is nigh unto impossible, since the media repeats whatever they read with the excuse that the administration is to blame. 

Some are profiting from the chaos. They create Twitter names and sites purely to spread conspiracy theories that they present as fact. Others pass them on as trusted sources. After awhile, I get to feeling the news itself should be avoided in a time where I can't know if it'll be changed the next day.

When I go to other blogs, some of them are in hysteria based on watching some of the partisan pundits-- purporting to be news. The people think the world is collapsing around them, they're being driven off a cliff, the sky is falling, (for all I know they might be right). The problem is they then think they must do something-- so what to do-- what to do!

Well, I have a book to finish. I have to get over feeling hurt by a really destructive review one of my books got (in February but I only read it today-- that review explains why the book nosedived in sales-- if I thought it was true of the book, I wouldn't want to read it either lol). The thing is I need to feel positive in my own life where I have plenty to worry about without taking on the worries of other people or maybe creating some.

If the Rant has anything for awhile, it'll only be if it's something positive in the political world. Hey, I am mostly an optimist-- even in a time like that. I know there is good. Well, I heard one today. Jobless rate is down to a 27 year low. The source said that it could be due to plummeting numbers of those coming illegally into this country-- i.e. the jobs were going under the table but are now coming out to citizens who came here legally. Hey, it could be true ;).

On Netflix, we've been streaming a lot of documentaries on nature and that's soothing-- even if sometimes dire threats are there also. I've been learning about places like Madagascar, Galapagos, etc. One of our cats likes to watch them also-- not sure what she's learning.

This image is one gotten from Stencil, where I have a membership and then altered with the Landscape II filter from Dreamscope. Beautiful isn't it? I think we need more of what is beautiful in a time when so many are feeding on what is ugly.

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