Saturday, April 08, 2017

here we go again or do we?

So, it's sabre rattling time again as the world faces those who apparently only see victory in terms of destroying. North Korea keeps trying to develop a way to send a nuclear bomb to San Francisco (a bomb it's not supposed to have). Assad uses sarin gas on children as a way to terrorize his people (and the world). 

As an aside on this topic: if you want me to read your posts (here or elsewhere) putting down Trump, don't call him by a derogatory name. It demeans you more than him, who is unlikely to see what you wrote. I get it how much some hate him but frankly names like I regularly read other places belong in grade school. A serious debate is ended by such tactics, at least as far as I am concerned. There are ways to make clear who you mean without becoming a sixth grader.

Back to the topic of what happened this week in Syria. My main question is not about what was done by the US or whether it'll lead to WWIII. What I want to know is: Why do nations like Russia defend Assad when he uses banned weapons (agreed on by all civilized nations) on civilians? Things like sarin are not even to be used on soldiers but who supports it being used on children?

In short, why did Russia say nothing when the evidence was clear a plane had flown from one of Assad's many airports and dropped a bomb that was outlawed? 

My question also is why does China defend North Korea. Syria and North Korea are clearly not trying to be considered civilized nations. They are beyond the pale for how they treat their own people. As they are currently operating, they have no chance to develop a reasonable life for their citizens while they threaten the rest of the world-- like North Korea threatening to hit someone with a nuke. 

If self-interest is all Russia and China care about, why defend those who would destroy their own chance for a better life with possible wars that never benefit anybody in the end???

I would have thought no one would defend using sarin gas and yet Russia remained silent about that, maybe even helped Assad keep some of it back. The use of it on children has to be called out for what it is-- pure terrorism. I understand the weak, those who don't have strong countries, do feel terrorism is their only choice-- but Russia and China? I want to think of both of them as civilized nations with long histories of cultural development and yet time and again here we are. 

This image is a Dreamscope app using a photo of a campfire on the edge of a lake. It's a peaceful image, and what I'd like to think the world wants for itself-- peace and as good a life as it can manage for its people. Am I naive?


Ingineer66 said...

Russia needs to keep their warm water naval base in Syria. Assad lets them do that. If they found a way to get rid of Assad and keep their base and stability in the region, they might take it.

Rain Trueax said...

that does explain it. and if Assad wants to gas some children, hey they might do the same thing. what a world :(

T. Paine said...

China looks at North Korea as a long term investment. North Korea has been unstable for so long, that every U.S. President for decades has assumed that all we needed to do was wait them out for an inevitable demise. We are still waiting.

China hopes to wage influence on the North so that when that inevitable collapse does come, that North Korea will vote to remain its own nation... a nation starving for Chinese investment, a source of cheap labor, and desiring Chinese goods.

If China's influence did not work and the North decided to reunify with South Korea, then that would benefit Japan and the United States even more, thus enriching China's major competitors. Can you imagine the might of Samsung with even more natural resources and cheap labor from the North?

It always comes down to money sadly.

Rain Trueax said...

Interesting thoughts on that, T. Paine. Globalists are true idealists :)