Saturday, April 29, 2017

Did you notice?

My other regularly updated blog rarely has politics. I decided however, that it'd be good to post something on the issues I think are facing our country. So I wrote issues that came to me and short answers as to what I thought about them. 

We went to the beach with some longtime friends where she is more liberal than me and he is more conservative (maybe). I asked her if she'd give her responses to those issues, which she did. Then I thought what if he'd do it. He did.  Then I created the list for others to use and share what they thought on the various issues-- adding to the list of issues, if they were so inclined. It is at: 

I am sure a very far left or right person would answer differently than the three of us did. If you are so inclined, copy and then paste the list and provide your own responses in the comments. I think it's useful for us to consider how others see things and what they'd like to see done.

Right now, we are bombarded by silly stuff like Trump's hair, fake news, and whatever can distract us from what really faces us as a people. Figuring out what matters can end up keeping us focused and not letting important things happen where we didn't even notice.

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