Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are all lefties and righties drama queens?

It's beginning to seem that way when I go to a right or left wing site and read the hysteria-- depending on who was winning that day (or thought they were). I have a suggestion. If you are feeling terribly upset, find mixed sources for news or for awhile quit reading news. IF you get your news from Facebook, consider a new hobby.

This morning, a very nice lady wrote on her blog that Trump profited from the Tomahawk strikes. She knew this because of Facebook. Okay... Now I didn't believe she was right (she, of course knew she was) but I went looking for info online regarding how much stock he owned in Raytheon (between $1000-15,000 at one time). Does anyone seriously believe that he knows to the dot how much he owns in anything or that he'd chortle over a profit to a company where he owned such a small amount. My upset friend didn't bother looking at [Snopes] where I found those facts. She had what she wanted-- evidence for his evil deeds-- and believe me, Facebook is full of it, very little vetted by anyone. 

One of my friends at Facebook regularly relies on the Palmer Report for her absolutely true and reliable facts. I have tried multiple times to block seeing Palmer Report given what my research said about them. It always comes back like the bad apple. 

If you rely on Palmer Report, at least know who puts it out. 

Take my word for it. It hasn't changed since the election-- just moved targets. I understand that the left, feeling abused, enjoys reading negative stories about Trump, they enjoy passing them on, some profit from this need-- BUT it won't help anyone's life to get caught up in that kind of cycle of hate and often misinformation. 

For further misinformation regarding the attack on the Syrian airbase, I read her repeating how Trump personally warned the Russians, how the airbase wasn't really damaged since they could use the runway, how civilians were killed hence it's all hypocrisy. For my friend who posted that, I am letting it go. She does it on her own blog and it's her business-- right or wrong. 

The facts might not reassure her-- that our military warned the Russian military as humans weren't the target. The buildings and planes were. We don't destroy runways because (Oliver North is my source) they are too easy to patch and use anyway-- besides we might need them if we are actually planning boots and planes on the ground. The goal was to destroy infrastructure and planes. Supposedly (not sure of source for this) 20% of Assad's planes were destroyed. What we wanted to do was punish the illegal use of a nerve gas that is banned. If Obama had done the attack, the same ones complaining would be saying, how humanitarian. 

I feel bad for my internet friend that she is so upset. My suggestions though on how to feel better won't help her as she is only getting her news from one source (from best I can tell). Is she a drama queen? I don't know her well enough to be sure but she is upsetting herself and about something she has nothing she can do anything about.

If the news is upsetting you-- stop watching for awhile. The problems will still be there when you return to them. You can't vote now. Your letters and phone calls are probably not persuading anyone. Take some deep breaths, get out in nature and remember bad times don't last forever. They just seem like they do.   


Ingineer66 said...

Yes they appear to be.
Didn't the same Raytheon stock story come out when Clinton, Bush and Obama shoot them off?

Rain Trueax said...

I wouldn't be surprised. Fake news suits us when it's our villain they blast ;)