Thursday, April 20, 2017

a book

Although I never read political books written in the decade to which they are reporting (too close to me and not far enough from the events), this one could be tempting (no, I won't be reading it either though).

Even today, the left wing wants to believe Hillary had the election stolen. Americans were stupid or blind. Trump brainwashed them. And on it goes without understanding how the Democratic party is part of the problem and why Trump wasn't the only one winning elections in 2016. 

 Personally, I believe Hillary could not speak to her real goals out of the belief Americans weren't ready for them. She was likely convinced she was right about what she felt should be done. The thing is-- how many Americans support globalization when it impacts American jobs? Being a nationalist has been turned into being a racist by the left, but truly can you help others when your own life or nation is deteriorating?

Most of those, willing to sacrifice jobs here, aren't worried about losing theirs. They are rich, on pensions they feel are safe, or have jobs that are not devalued here by treaties that favor other nations. They may even benefit from cheaper labor at the bottom (all the while espousing a $15 minimum wage, which won't help the bottom when prices rise). 
Obama did not run on being a globalist because he knew he'd lose. He though did a lot to put globalism into our laws and even treaties. The first time I heard him talk about it publicly was after the election. I would say what he's done since the election-- going from one island paradise to another-- says a lot about how he sees this country. The friends he's vacationed with tells something more.

I get it how some argue we are all one. The world is one big whole, and we must all care about everyone, our enemies, and especially the poorest of nations. 

Anyway the book is about the Clinton campaign and what went wrong. I don't think many who pay attention to politics must read it to know. We were reading about it as it went...


Ingineer66 said...

The authors were on a radio show I listened to this week. It sounds like a good book. One of the main reasons Hillary failed seemed to be the fact that nobody could give her bad news or tell her the truth. Everybody was afraid of getting their head chopped off.

Rain Trueax said...

The left still does not get it that Trump did run on the things he would do. She might've talked about issues but who knew what she'd actually do? I still think the left needs to get their act together and discuss what they want, what it costs, and how to pay for it.