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worldwide threats

 March 21, 2017 our yard

There is so much of the world about which we know so little. Most of us read about places like Turkey, but what do we really know? I had an English, online friend some years back who had a second home there. It sounded delightful then, but that was before terrorism began to rear its ugly head once again and turn delightful places into war zones. Why does this have to happen? Why can't we all live in peace and not attempt to take over governments or countries? It does not seem to be in the nature of humans-- sadly, as many innocents pay the price for this inability to live in peace.

Anyway this was an article that I thought was important. Was it ever smart to store nukes in Turkey? If so, it appears not so much today.

The world is once again on the brink of more problems than we know what to do with-- like China building up islands in the south China Sea. Like North Korea threatening to nuke the US. Like Russia taking over Crimea and is that all it wants? 

And, what about us, within, where half our country has only one goal in mind-- taking down the US president and making him unable to deal with any of what is out there. If not him, who?

We recently finished watching an interesting documentary on Netflix-- Ken Burns: The Roosevelts. It went from Teddy, through Franklin, to Eleanor's death and had reminders of how our government has struggled to find balance between differing interests while the world throws out its own curves. 

One issue it brought out was how our military had deteriorated before WWII erupted. It wasn't remotely ready, even without Pearl Harbor, for what it was about to face. Back then, it had a people ready to step up to the task and work hard to change that. Do we have that today? We know that we don't have the manufacturing plants that workers back then could turn toward ships and war machinery. We shipped that capability, along with steel, overseas.

One of the arguments recently has regarded NATO and whether we are paying too much of its cost. The problem with the military, there or here, is how it takes away from needed social programs as well as infrastructure within the home countries. If only all in the world would want peace and better lives for all the humans. 

Born in the midst of one war, growing up during the Cold War, coming of age with Vietnam, it seems I've never known a time where peace lasted long. Can that ever be changed? 

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T. Paine said...

Sadly war seems to be a part of the human condition.

By and large the United States has stood for good and righteous causes usually. It is one of the most generous nations in the world for the private giving to charities too.

Having served in the military during the first gulf war, I can tell you that I abhor war.

That said, sometimes the only thing that keeps evil men from doing as they will is the strength of good men and women willing to protect the things we love.