Monday, March 06, 2017

and behind door number one is...

Lying in bed this morning, with some of the usual pillow talk, my husband and I were debating what is really going on politically. The news and discussions regarding wire tapping were part of our conversation as one pundit had taken the view that there were three possible explanations for the question of tapping the phones of a presidential candidate-- he missed a fourth which is that it was suggested by the President, to his attorney general, to find something to help one candidate win the election. Was that the case? That pundit couldn't even consider it.

This morning I read this, which I thought was interesting especially given its source-- a normally left wing site. 

Beings how Obama is a rock star to many, they will find it difficult to imagine he might be presenting one image to hide another-- the handsome, intelligent, witty man, which covers up an underhanded and even sly man-- a bit proud of what he can get away with. Is that possible? Not to liberals or progressives. He's their hero, and an article like that one is anathema as it goes against all they need to hold onto in a very uncertain era. 

As someone interested in motives and personalities, I find the whole thing interesting but a little frustrating. There is no way to really know who Obama or Trump, either one, actually are. They do seem locked in a struggle that began when Trump implied Obama might've not been born in the US and Obama ridiculed him at an annual correspondents dinner. It's not good when the last president and the current one go to war with each other. Obama attacked Bush a lot for being the cause of all the country's problems, but Bush didn't reply. He was busy doing what presidents usually do-- moving on (although lately he does appear to be back as he promotes his new book).

Obama is not moving on and neither is the country with half wanting one thing and the other half the opposite. Not sure when this will get better... if it ever does.

This is kind of fun-- playing with images; and if the whole thing is getting to you, check out the site, Dreamscope, which allows you to take your photos and apply various filters to them. Why should everything be serious!


janinsanfran said...

Interesting. The author of that piece, Matt Lewis, is a conservative commentator, also employed by The Daily Caller, and responsible for a book of Sarah Palin's sayings -- all according to Wikipedia. Not that his perspective is entirely without merit. I do think Obama will choose a far more activist role than previous retired presidents because I think he concurs in the progressive consensus that Donald Trump is a mortal danger to the country, unfit for the job at best.

Presidents have not always been so retiring. My remote family connection John Quincy Adams was probably more valuable to the country as moral spokesperson for abolitionism as a post-presidential Congressman than he had been in the White House.

Rain Trueax said...

My big concern is that he can't help others win office-- as has happened already. So he gets into it and we end with more Republican Senators (Dems have a lot to defend in '18). He also keeps young blood from arising and being able to win the presidency in '20. He didn't have coattails at least not to date.

T. Paine said...

Sadly, I think this is more about Obama's ego and his unwillingness to see the nation being governed more towards the right of the political center. Indeed it would be difficult to watch what you have accomplished to be undone by your successor.

It is interesting to note that President Obama specifically mentioned that he was appreciative of President Bush's removing himself from the public eye and not inserting himself into the national media during on-going policy discussions. He never came forth to criticize Obama and his administration, despite Obama routinely blaming everything in his first term on Bush. Evidently, hubris, ego and not a little bit of narcissism will prevent President Obama from following his predecessor's example.

Rain Trueax said...

While some (liberals and progressives) are thrilled with Obama, cheering his every action, I am more doubting what I used to believe about him. We donated a lot of money to both of his campaigns and I feel little jilted lol