Thursday, February 16, 2017


It is not difficult to predict how someone will feel about this country and its President. It will depend on where they get their news. If its the NY Times or Washington Post, this link will encourage them.

What more could they ask for than that Obama is going to head up 30,000 protestors to resist whatever Trump might try to do. When Flynn resigned, those who cheered had been told what this meant long ago. What they weren't told is to be concerned that a permanent, professional, establishment government is doing what it can to block an elected government from making changes. 

Once again, it will depend on where someone gets their news. What used to be considered mainstream news at one time felt its purpose was to find out what happened and who did it-- wherever the story took them. It has been awhile since that has been true-- if it ever was. Yellow journalism got us into the Spanish American War. Generally speaking the mainstream media has its own agenda-- and depending on the readers' agenda, that is okay or not.

When I recently saw the blatant bias of the big newspapers and cable news was during the campaign when they didn't cover Bernie events and ignored negative stories on Hillary. They covered Trump over the other Republicans but with negative stories. When I'd see a headline, it would take reading to the end of the story to realize it was misleading at the least and fraudulent at the worst. 

After the election, the New York Times actually admitted what they had done; but when Trump continued to bash them, they gave up all pretense of covering the story as destroying his Presidency became the story. Buried deep in an article might be a sentence of actual fact not presumption. It will not be what many will remember. 

Whether you are on the right or left will impact today how you see Trump doing. He ran on certain promises and he started right in fulfilling them. Since the left did not want to see those things done, they went into fight mode. There is no pretense of being fair because that's not what it's about. It's about making it look like Trump is a bumbling fool at best and a Hitler wantabe at worst.

The so-called chaos of Trump's cabinet relates to Congress blocking, for no other reason than they can, voting on his picks. Once cabinet heads are in place, they can get their staff. Block them from being in their place, and it's not the shadow government's fault. It's Trump's incompetency.

When he chose people outside of government with an interest in the departments he was going to put them over, the establishment went bonkers. But what did they think he intended to do? This was Mr. Smith goes to Washington (well, it's not Jimmy Stewart) with the intent to overturn the apple cart and put new ideas in place. It's not surprising that those already there (Congress and the bureaucrats) would not like this. Sabotage is the name of the game. For those who want the establishment to continue as it has been, who like the programs in place, who want globalization and mass immigration from any country in the world, who disagree with societal rules for others (unless it's their rules) are, of course, very upset.

When someone from the establishment, as I heard last night on a news program, says that Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary's emails, those on the left are reassured. On the right, they are screaming at the television-- that was a one sentence, off-handed joke in a debate. 

Whether the Russians were the ones who revealed Podesta's emails (thanks to him being fooled by one of those hackers), they never got hold of Hillary's deleted 30,000... or if they did, they didn't release them. The only things that came out of Podesta's reaffirmed what most knew already-- and many (like us) voted for her anyway based on issues. 

Trump will do things I won't like. If he's truly mentally ill, as some claim, what is happening now will send him over the edge. Attacking his daughter's clothing line, he clearly loves his kids, worked to hurt her and him. Is that really what the left is all about now? Win at any cost and no matter who gets hurt. 

What scares me about this all is I have no respect now for the right or the left. Who does that leave for me to cheer on? I used to think I had someone, but what Obama is doing isn't making me feel good.  I already knew I'd not like a lot of what Trump would do (although getting a handle on unregulated immigration and deporting those who have broken our laws or joined gangs is not among them). I am frankly horrified at the concept of sanctuary cities where if the illegal entrant can get there, the city will protect them from the federal agents who come to arrest or deport them... seriously, this is what those who live in our cities want-- totally unregulated immigration? Some have become convinced it's their Christian duty, rather like those who fought against slavery-- except that was about those here legally-- not everyone who got through the door by overstaying their visa or being smuggled across a border.

Latest horror for the left to agonize and rant over was the supposed deportation of an innocent dreamer who it turns out was a member of one of the local gangs (he has since claimed he was coerced into admitting that (waterboarding?), but the officers say there was social media and maybe tattoo to say he was in a gang (i.e. drug cartel) with a father who had been the real target with felony and illegal entry (they did not arrest the other son-- maybe because he hadn't joined a gang). Seriously sanctuary cities want these drug cartels and why would that be? Something for lefties to consider maybe... 


Rain Trueax said...

I went to Facebook and saw a friend had shared a post that Trump is mentally deranged based on many psychiatrists, etc. declaring it-- not based on an exam but on newspaper articles they had read, analysis they believed, and sometimes half of what he said. We truly are going nuts but it's definitely not just him-- if he even is. I tried to figure out where they got evidence of his rage and I guess that he posts mean Tweets... There've been no fistfights that I heard of anyway. But this story made it into a newspaper as if it was fact. The meetings Trump has had with other international leaders isn't important and that they like talking with him-- like Netanyahu. Nope all that matters is what has become tabloid news.

Rain Trueax said...

This is funny because after having a friend share the above, I decided I should watch Trump's press conference-- something I rarely do. He said how the media would headline it and right away they did. I though saw him as sane, in control, having a good time, but doing things he know won't be popular with half the country. If you liked him before it, you'd feel he was fine. If you hated him, you'd agree with the headlines. He said he'd like to bring the country together but how can someone do it with people wanting such different things?

I wrote two of my Oregon historical romances after the Civil War. One of the discussions regarding the ongoing Native American war in Eastern Oregon was between someone sympathetic with the Paiutes and other Indians in the region and the captain responsible for fighting the war and keeping peace in the area. He said there cannot be peace until one side wins. That's not necessarily even a guarantee given the North and South that is still ongoing, but in some ways it's true. One side thought they had won but that's not how it works with major differences on what we should do.

Rain Trueax said...

I seem to be the only one interested in commenting but wanted to add a thought to the above. Based on what I've been reading and watching, how someone saw that press conference totally was how they also saw him ahead of time. While I might see him as self aggrandizing, I've seen the same thing in Obama and doubt you get to the top if you don't have some of that. Yes, he goes on too much about the election. It's over. But legislative leaders are claiming, based on those health professionals diagnosing him based on the media they've seen, that he's nuts and should be impeached. How much of that is due to genuine fear of him and how much is not wanting to see their own nests being upended? I know with McCain that he resents Trump for winning what he could not-- and the insults when he ran for office. So yes, he will do what he can to destroy him. We saw the same thing from the right with Obama. Is this where we are as a nation where destruction is the only answer to get 'your' way?

I don't have a feeling about Trump but believe that if you saw him as crazy in that presser, you disliked him intensely before. When he jokes, it's taken as being serious by those who really do dislike him but even more his plans. If he was successful in what he wants to do, would that only make it worse?

Rain Trueax said...

Adding to the 'sighs' was this from Andrew Sullivan. The White House Mole as he gives thought to a lot of what's going on or might be going on. Until they release the transcripts from Flynn, the speculation will continue. It is possible that they fear releasing them but better they do than whoever is leaking the rest. Anyway Sullivan is always worth reading.

Last night, we watched Bill Maher. We were not supposed to be seeing HBO as we had canceled it after the show the week before. I really wanted to see him interview Milo though and surprisingly, there HBO was. It was an interesting show and it cost Maher one of his guests who considered Milo a bridge too far. I am trying to decide if I can handle Maher's smugness. The truth is anybody who reaches the top of the heap has some of that and it can be annoying.

T. Paine said...

Rain, oh how I wish all of us could follow your example and examine the facts for ourselves and go where the truth leads us. (myself included sometimes.)

As a conservative, I have some serious misgivings and apprehensions regarding President Trump. I certainly don't like his boorishness and seemingly juvenile need to respond and one-up his antagonists. I also am not happy about some of his environmental policies and his rescinding certain regulations and executive orders that protect our natural habitats. That said, I do think that his work on curbing illegal immigration and perhaps improving trade and our economy will be very good and sorely needed things, assuming he is able to accomplish them.

I think the overwrought noise level by much of the media and professional protesters will have little effect on Trump and will eventually fade into the noise floor as people stop listening to most of this very vocal minority of protesters. If Trump continues to do as he promised to do, the people that elected him will continue to support him. If he loses focus on his promises and goes astray, then perhaps the protesters will win in hamstringing his political agenda.

I suspect that whatever happens with Trump's tenure as president, we will continue to see groups of progressive professional protesters antagonizing future "conservative" administrations and right-wing antagonists demonizing any "liberal" administrations. Our country will continue to remain as sharply and uncivilly divided as we currently are for the foreseeable future accordingly.

This makes me sigh with a heavy heart too.

Rain Trueax said...

Finding moderates who lean right or left is where the whole thing gets dicey as we see things differently than either extreme-- and can actually agree to disagree. I always appreciate conversations with such people as we are facing a lot of tough questions-- some that we thought had been settled.