Friday, February 03, 2017


I said I was going to get back to work on the next 1000 words but instead, I heard that Peggy Noonan had a new article out. I had to read it

Then I wanted to post the link here as I agree with what she's said. Too much too soon. It will be in the blog I wrote for Rainy Day Thought on Saturday with a President who is an unknown quantity upending a lot of what probably half the country had come to believe was how it was supposed to be. It does seem chaotic and some of that is due to those new to the job. 

Let's hope worse doesn't befall in this time of at least temporarily new directions (elections could change it again). I especially that violence doesn't grow. No matter how much someone hates Trump, only those on the edge of insanity would want violence to befall him. That is the worst type of karma for a nation and won't end up making it better.

Now, seriously, back to work... 

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