Friday, February 03, 2017

free speech or not

I had not planned to post anything here so soon but the Berkeley demonstrations created a story when they were co-opted by anarchists (who may or may not have been students since as usual they went masked). I had never heard of the speaker the left and 1500 Berkeley students feared giving a voice. I have since learned he was involved with Breitbart, which you will notice is not alongside here in the rolls. Milo is an editor there for their wired section, which means internet and computers. He is a writer, English, gay and a libertarian who likes to provoke and use humor (or so he claims but I gotta say this is no time for expecting the left to find anything funny). The link is to a few of his most outrageous quotes-- supposedly.

Here's the thing, Bill Maher was a few years back uninvited to speak at a Berkeley graduation for his own outrageous (to some) statements regarding the religion of Islam. I understand that better than this demonstration. A graduation is sponsored by the school and supposedly sends the students off eager to succeed. I doubt Maher would have spoken on Islam but he was on record with what he had said and that was too much.

This week's speaking event was sponsored by the Republican club on campus. Yiannopoulos is on a book tour, which the violent reaction doubtless helped (leading some lefties to say righties were paid to be anarchists to give him publicity). Who knows but there have been such violent protests on campuses other places. It's rather interesting which events get chosen for the violence and which are let be.

The left on its sites is now backing the student reaction (the peaceful one) by saying a man like this guy should not be given any public forum. Dontchaknow that leads to totalitarianism and Hitler... Isn't that a risk also with the left unwilling to listen to opposing ideas?

When I decided to add links alongside here of those who write responsible ideas but with which I disagree, it was to enable readers to look at both sides if they so wish. It's getting to a point where that is no longer wanted-- by the far left or the far right. That leaves those in the middle, who might lean one way or the other, also cut off from what used to be thought of as free speech.

Okay, I seriously need to quit reading any news for awhile as the book won't write itself!  

Incidentally, if anyone here wonders what I write, I put a book list at my [Rain Trueax blog] where it goes into books that are connected, their heat level, with a link where they can be bought. I don't promote my writing at the rant, because I see this as a place where I express my ideas as a left leaning moderate and try to allow others to write their own well thought out and respectful disagreements. That's how you get a dialogue. Incidentally, for anyone who might want to firebomb that blog, I am shutting down its comments since I won't be checking back. It's a blog on hiatus and may return off and on-- or not ;).


Ingineer66 said...

It's 1968 all over again. Democrats are burning buildings and breaking windows in Berkeley.
And now it comes out that the California separatist movement is being financed by Russia. I thought they were Trumps buddies. The hypocrisy of the left in this state knows no bounds.

Rain Trueax said...

I've certainly never seen anything like it in my 73 years. In a way the Vietnam War was different because it wasn't so much one party but a philosophy of not wanting wars that united those who felt that way. A Republican, Eisenhower, warned against it. A democrat, Johnson, turned it into a terrible war. A Republican, Nixon continued it and then got out. This time though it's very much one party against the other but mostly the extremes on each side, I think. I hope this doesn't devolve into a violent war in this country. The far left seems to want that.