Friday, February 24, 2017

complex issues

The emotional hysteria that is accompanying any discussion on a wall, border control, regulated immigration or the hot button term-- illegal aliens, is blocking real thought on what do we do about our borders.

Are sanctuary cities doing this for a reason-- one that isn't quite so noble? 
How does illegal entry into this country impact wages for lower income workers? 
Is the reason we don't have a higher minimum wage partly due to how much some benefit by bringing in workers who can't protest working conditions and   work for much less?
Is this a question of ethics or economics?
This has become a cause that some milk but for what gain? 
 Is the truth of the hysteria around this topic blown up by those who profit from not controlling the borders
Is the reason we haven't worked out a reasonable worker program due to economic reasons that use fear and anger to block it?
Wait, I already said that.

Some have come to see this as a great moral issue. If you ask them well then should all be allowed in if they can afford a bus or plane fare, they go back to tried and true spiels that they have been taught. They do NOT deal with the consequences of unregulated immigration. It's rather ironic how some in churches have decided this is like slavery (which was a very different ethical question as slaves had been brought here against their will, not with their families, or born here). What I wonder about is those who want to harbor unpapered migrants, what's the end game? What happens next? 

And then there is this. 

One of the big gripes I had about Trump when he was running for the Presidency is he seems totally incurious about complex questions. He is easily manipulated by those who flatter him (he does love flattery), and where it comes to something like transgender bathrooms or resolving issues of immigration, he goes for what's easiest for him (as he sees it). Keep in mind, he didn't create a federal law for the former-- he removed one and sent it back to the states and schools, which means some areas will be really tough on transgender teens if the states don't man up to their responsibilities to us all.

I've commented before on the transgender bathroom issue. I've used unisex bathrooms many times as they are common in bookstores and even some restaurants. Gas stations often have only one bathroom. I've yet to see a toilet seat sprayed with urine in bathrooms where the sexes share (sometimes the lid is up). I've seen plenty of messy seats in ladies only where they won't sit down and they don't care what they hit with their stream. 

And the fear that men will dress up as women, only to use a ladies room for some perverted reasons (not sure it EVER has happened), it's ridiculous. Any such potential perverts would find when they get into the bathroom that it only has stalls, no open urinals. Exactly what are they supposed to see??? Yes, rarely, there have been men who have lurked in isolated bathrooms waiting for a victim. They don't need to put on makeup to do that.

But Trump took the easy way, probably to divert from something else or keep his people excited that he's been busy busy busy-- not necessarily meaning thinking thinking thinking.

On immigration there is no easy way to deal with something that is very complex. A lot of those loudest on the topic of wanting totally open borders won't lose their jobs over it-- but they might get maid-service and gardening done cheaper. The other day I heard a black spokesman saying that illegal immigration is taking jobs from the black community and keeping wages down. Now, who might that benefit?

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