Thursday, February 02, 2017


Whether I will be writing more frequently here, I am not sure; but I have been working to update the blog roll in the sidebar to include political blogs of the right and left. I wanted a cross-section of what is out there and don't have to agree with the writers to add them. Probably I will add more as I come across others (if you have one you particularly love, please let me know to check it out. The one thing I don't want is nastiness as it never leads to dialogues. 

Some of this blog's new additions, I've read for sometime and had them on my main blog's sidebar; but as they have turned more political, this is the right place-- as my main blog, Rainy Day Thought, is apolitical.

Through the years, I've put together a mix of my own blogs on many topics from art to books. I even have one for our grassfed beef and lamb operation (haven't done much with it). For me, blogs have long been a way to communicate about ideas and then my work. 

This blog, which can be a rant or just an exploration of issues, is updated irregularly depending on what I tweaks my interest to want to weigh in. I don't try to have a plan for it as I do for the others. It is what it is. Now its blog roll is falling into the same category, and blogs may come and go from it. 

As always dissent here is welcome-- including from guests who would like to take over the blog for an entry to express their opinion-- when it's done respectfully and thoughtfully.  

I grew up in a home where politics was discussed openly and sometimes loudly. I know there is this supposed politeness rule to never discuss it or religion, I think both can be interesting-- but definitely potentially inflammatory. The key to having such dialogues work is the ability to agree to disagree.


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