Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I've mentioned how it all depends on where we get our news as to how we feel about things. That's not absolutely true, of course. We base what we believe on a combination of experience, learning, and then temper it with new input (some of us avoid new input). For those in total misery over Trump as President, words of comfort aren't possible right now. They don't want to think he might do a good job as his ideas are not their ideas. IF he is successful, it will overturn much of what they believe is important in the world. An article like

provides no comfort if you aren't afraid he's a nutcase but rather that he will succeed in undoing what you like. That is what this piece is saying regarding Biden.

Biden isn't seeing Trump as unbalanced or insane. He sees him with a very different agenda--one that challenges all that Biden has worked for his whole life. He's not the only one fearing this as the leader of the World Monetary Fund expresses--

For those who are concerned that an existing stable system *cough cough* will be overturned around the world, this is a time of great concern both environmentally, economically, and regarding physical safety. Their upset is logical and based on feeling they have done well with how it's been and do we really want to upset the apple cart? That's where discussions about the US health care system head-- from overthrowing it all to gentle tweaks-- depending a lot on how you've been doing with it. 

I wrote on depression for my other blog, Rainy Day Thoughts, because I understand how difficult this is for some, and they aren't faking it. They are living with rage, depression, and fear. Some of that depends on from where they get their information. If it's a variety of sources, I think they will find themselves less upset by who is taking over (for the moment) than if it all comes from one side-- either side.

There are, of course, some who are drama queens/kings and they relish feeling upset. If it wasn't Trump, it'd be something else. If someone gets off on being miserable, hey, who am I to try and say it doesn't work. For them it does. The big thing is I don't get drawn into their drama ;).

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