Friday, January 27, 2017

an owner's manual

You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need 

When thinking about what's going on with our country, I was remembering how hard it was for some to understand why Trump liked that Rolling Stone song and why he had it played during the warm-up to many of his rallies. The commentators, during the preinauguration 'celebration' heard it played and said-- but wait, he is now the President. Why would he choose that song? It's because of the last line and how he sees himself-- I might not be what you want but I am what you need. It might be painful for a while but this is where we have to go. And he's quite confident in himself to believe he can figure out what he doesn't already know.

For those who fear he is a Hitler, Hitler did not start out as a businessman. He was a politician from the get-go. He led a major party in Germany, the Nazis. He used the political system, not the citizens, to rise to power. 

What Trump is is a CEO and that may be damaging in the long run-- or not. He has never been a politician and his standards have been different all the way along. A businessman has to do what suits him, what his instincts tell him makes money, and have a product he can market. 

A politician does not have to make money and often has no real criteria to measure success. He will say he wants to eliminate poverty but whether he did is not considered. He can always get more money by charging someone, even against their will, through taxes. He has to make himself look good. The whole thing works so long as he continues to make his voters think he's on their side-- even if he isn't. Not saying there aren't politicians who come to the job out of idealism... just it's not a requirement.

So Trump, as a man used to calling all the shots, now has to work with politicians and how that's going to end up is anyone's guess. He is more the kind of businessman who created his own business, like a Steve Jobs than one who got the job from someone else. That definitely leads to quite an ego, as it's probably what it takes.

Where it comes to government, he is fulfilling the promises he made to the constituency that got him elected. How much of that he himself believes is hard to say. He knew what it would take and he did it. Now he is in a power position, for at least two years, where he gets to operate like the CEO. He hired those for Cabinet positions who also think like a CEO as they were one. How that works with multiple CEOs, all with big egos, is anyone's guess.

A lot of what Trump wants to do is why I didn't want him as President. I though do not see him as the left does in terms of being out of control. He's in control and has a plan. He can be reckless in terms of moving fast and that may or may not bode well. He thinks he is, with his pro-business policies, what the country needs. We shall see      

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Ingineer66 said...

Hitler also used murder and treachery to get to power. If we wake up one morning and most of the Democrat Congressmen are dead, then we might start to compare Trump to Hitler. Until something like that happens, he is not a Nazi.