Friday, December 30, 2016

the forgotten ones

Having heard left wingers continue to rant not only against Trump but those who voted for him, I thought this piece by Peggy Noonan was good to read, especially for someone who thinks that way. It is about the ones who did vote for Trump. The media is portraying them one way. This photographer went out and met them, and Noonan writes about what he found.

I do not have much to say politically these days. I am very tired of those who do and keep bombarding everyone else with their angst. I hope it gets better but not sure I have much hope it will. The elites are working to make sure it does not-- many of whom have no real idea who actually wanted Trump. The fear talk from some of the commentators is aimed at keeping a rage boiling and fear alive.

What if Trump succeeds in his main goals, and brings back jobs while he also changes certain social norms? Would economic prosperity for more people at the bottom be any consolation for those who wanted to see a total revamping of how Americans regarded many things? Does not seem likely to me. The left feels abused, justified in being angry-- and sound a lot like the right had sounded for years during the Obama administration. Maybe the goals of one side never can be brought together with the goals of the other side...


Celia said...

I have no good answers either.

I found I needed to have to subscribe or sign in to read Noonan's article but I don't like to, too many passwords etc. but you can get a little peek at Chris Arnade's photography and a piece he authored on The Guardian.

Rain Trueax said...

I guess I am a subscriber but not with cost. I get so many articles a month and then have to wait if I want to read more. What has gotten me is the attacks on those who voted for him and assuming they are evil in some way. Have we seen anything like that at least in our lifetime? I get people not liking a candidate but this hate has gone way beyond that ;(