Monday, December 05, 2016

stay tuned

The election from hell is not yet over as the Green Party candidate got enough donations from rankled dems and disappointed repubs to have three states do recounts. Never mind that there is no proof of irregularities and that the very ones wanting this would have condemned Trump if he'd done the same thing. Between that and those sending emails, some with threats, to try and dissuade Electors from voting the will of their own state, the anger and fear just keep going on and on and on.

It won't end even when the recount is over as the Clintonites have promised to try and stop anything Trump attempts to change. That is about what many Repubs tried to do to Obama with the addition that Trump's enemies also have the media pretty much sown up. So we can look for leftie newspapers like the New York Times to attack anything Trump does that remotely looks like on what he ran.

For me, there are things I won't be happy about what Trump does, since issues were why I did not vote for him. I don't know enough about the situation with China to see how Trump's belief they are rigging the trade system will end up. It seems crazy to me the way we have handled Taiwan since Carter started it in 1979-- one China with Taiwan a rogue province, whose President our Presidents (until now) have refused to talk to. Of course, we then sell arms to Taiwan and had committed to protect them in the event of an invasion. Diplomacy seems to be a game of never saying what is obvious because it's how it's been done. What happens if someone comes along who says they won't do it that way?

Not like I have the answer to that one. I have been reading about the problem with the dollar and world money to replace it as the worldwide currency for all transactions. 

I've read how previous governments in other places solved a debt problem such as the United States has-- by nationalizing everyone's property and claiming it. They could do that with our national forests and parks, which some have been eager to get into private hands.

Yes, we are a prosperous nation, but we have little by little gone away from manufacturing. What exactly can we sell besides wheat, corn, beef, lamb, etc.? What I read was what we have counted on was our dollar, but when it loses value and others don't trust it, what then? $19 trillion debt and rising.

We seem to be raising a sizable number of young people who don't think they should have to work. Some say that can be solved by a minimum income that the government pays everyone-- eliminating Social Security. If that happens, SS will soon be worth nothing as paper dollars lose more value.

Do I sound disillusioned? Maybe some no matter who got in. Hillary would have continued the status quo (or will if that recount changes things or enough Electors are faithless to their own states). 

Where is the status quo taking us? But will overturning the apple cart have any chance of eventually a more stable system... Stay tuned.


Celia said...

Many of those manufacturing jobs have gone away because of automation and robotics. I retired from a manufacturer and over time I re-educated myself to keep my job. The trouble was that with each change came a reduction of personnel. My last job I was a project manager in a group of 11 and at the end there was only me. Cost effective for all but the laid off employees. The company used many sub-contractors who also lost business and some went out of business as the pieces of the pie got smaller. My manager used to say he thought we were going to all be retired early and had better learn to ask "You want fries with that?"

Boardman, Oregon got excited when a data warehouse was built there. Jobs! Not really, the most jobs were building and installation and now there is a tiny staff to watch the servers and provide security. The outlook is grim no matter who is in the White House.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree, Celia. We are in a time of change and transition and that always leaves some or even many behind. The question is how do you fix it. I read something this morning about how the companies going out of the country do it for the salaries 80% less in say Mexico but also that the jobs are monotonous and workers here don't want to stay with them. If we got to a minimum income, who eventually will be paying it??? I think we are heading for a difficult time, as you said.

Ingineer66 said...

It is time to become a robot repairman. That is where the factory jobs will be in the future.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, wherever a robot can replace a minimum wage employee, it's happening. The sad part is many of those jobs are the only ones some can actually do. Where is this heading?