Tuesday, December 20, 2016

so now what?

So, finally the 2016 election is over, as the left plots grounds for impeachment next or maybe charges of treason. Never mind the reason as they did not have one for a recount nor for thinking partisan Electors would go against the vote of one state instead of their own. Well, a few did in Washington but they were irked that their state's Electors had been sown up for Hillary before the primary. 

Trump will be the next President, whether that's a lump of coal in your stocking or a surprising gift

The accusations have run heavily that he's choosing awful people for his Cabinet-- accusations from the left and the neocons on the right. Here's how I see his Cabinet picks, not that someone like Bill Maher will ever think about it. He's choosing those who will and are capable, in his view, of carrying out his agenda. Yes, lefties didn't want that agenda, but it was what Trump ran on. One after another he's picked what he claimed he would-- sharks who he believes know how to win. 

Now will they know how to win in a political swamp, which few of them, including him, have swum in? That's the question. A lot of what might come next, even the more moderate righties didn't want. With a Republican Congress, Trump has a window to make huge changes in many programs. How many righties really wanted Social Security gutted? Some but probably not the majority, not when raising the income on what the tax is paid would solve the problem or when repaying the loan... or was that actually a gift from the Trust Fund, not that recipients had a say in that

 So many right wingers in Congress want to make Social Security some kind of voluntary program where citizens can invest the money how they wish. That worked well for those in 2008-- wait, it didn't work out well at all. If we want to face impoverished elderly, then that's  a possibility, as if they lose their money, what happens next? Well, the stock market and hedge funds did well with the last crash. Is that a consolation?

Then there is the problem of the debt, which is just under $20 trillion and rising. That money is owed to the Trust Fund but also other nations. No nation can forever keep borrowing, but the US has implied it can because it's so powerful. Maybe not anymore with world money now as an option. 

So conspiracy types have us panicked to get into gold as a hedge against what's about to happen to our investments. It might be it'll happen, but who will be able to afford to buy gold if the whole thing hits the fan? Better would be trade items, growing your own food, knowing who you can barter with, but none of that is as good as keeping the country growing and healthy.

Despite what many on the left believe, that's what the right hopes they have with Trump. I don't know if they do, but we could not keep going as we were with unregulated immigration and a constantly rising debt that we aren't paying off. Think about it as a practical sense, just regarding your own life. I keep hearing economists say that global strategies aren't like ours for our own lives-- really? And who says!

Here's where I am, rather than bemoaning what happened with the election, but instead figuring out what I want to see, support groups who work for that cause, and finding others to make our voices heard. I don't expect to like a lot of what Trump is going to try to do. I hope that Americans will pay attention, see who profits, protect the disadvantaged and weak, and demand that what is done benefits the middle class. When it doesn't, speak out. This is no time for a rabbit hole.

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