Tuesday, November 01, 2016

who runs America

 This link is a  powerful one that shows why when Trump says he will drain the swamp in Washington, he has a lot of people voting for him to do it. 

When Obama got in office, a lot of us wondered why he put the foxes to guarding the chicken house (his economic choices). The email dumps have revealed that answer-- for those who cared to read them and look for how things are done in government.

I haven't read the entire Wikileak dumps but have read snippets from them. The only shock, so far, was Donna Brazile. I had seen her for years discussing issues on various news programs. I thought she was an honorable woman. Turns out I was wrong. She sent emails to the Clinton team with some of the exact questions that Hillary would get in her debate with Bernie Sanders. CNN has since severed ties with Brazile, but someone in their office had to have given her the questions. CNN has jokingly been called the Clinton Network but is this how they want to continue to be seen once Clinton is President, which she is still most likely to become.

When you read the article from the Guardian, it is maddening, infuriating, and rings true given how Washington runs, how easily some are seduced by compliments. But this mentality runs us too and that's the sad part of this. How do you get it changed? You don't with Hillary. She will continue as she always has-- attack those she perceives to be her enemies and so far it has been effective. A lot of lefties haven't bothered to read anything about Clinton's dark side because they see it all as that old right wing conspiracy, a term created by the Clintons. The tactic works. Why change it and now Comey is in her crosshairs. With most of the media in her pocket, most Americans don't know otherwise.

When Peter Thiel said this won't end with Trump, he nailed it. A lot of Americans are fed up. They have been painted as racists and bigots, ridiculed because they aren't part of the elite. It would be impossible to admit to many left wingers that someone was going to vote for Trump. It invites boycotting and insults. The ones though defending Clinton's behavior, the ones who wanted to see Comey blocked from revealing what the FBI had stumbled across, should especially be the ones reading the Guardian article and ask themselves if they could stumble into also becoming a Donna Brazile, where one step into the mire ends up going all the way. Doubtless Brazile will be rewarded with a position in Clinton's administration. Same with Wasserman Schultz. It's how it works with the Clintons.

As for the rest of us, we may not be able to vote for the gorilla in the china shop, with no clue what he'd be tearing apart or how to put it back together, but we damned well better be paying attention once Clinton gets to the White House. She is one person you cannot afford to turn your back on. 

And you women who are voting for her just because she's a woman... who took pride in calling yourself Nasty for Hillary, I suggest you consider if this is really the kind of woman you want your children or grandchildren to emulate.


Ingineer66 said...

Have you seen Designated Survivor?

Rain Trueax said...

No, but I've heard about it. What night is it on? I like Keifer Sutherland but don't watch much network TV-- okay none. Do you like it?

Ingineer66 said...

It is OK. I record it so I don't know what night it is on. I was more thinking of how they replaced all branches of power.

Rain Trueax said...

I have read about the plot, also that a lot of people like it for that start over thing with an unexpected new president