Friday, November 11, 2016

post election rant that I said I wouldn't do

What an interesting time it's been since the election, in ways I never imagined. I suspect it was inevitable that there would be unrest no matter who won. It has been stirred up by the media and those who profit from such toxicity. It's sad as it has played on those most emotionally vulnerable. So even Oregon, where the state voted for Hillary, Portland had destructive riots. Now we know that some of those during the Black Lives Matter were actually paid to protest and get things started but whether that's the case now I don't know. Breaking windows, throwing bottles at cops, starting fires are not exactly inclined to make Trump voters think they made a mistake.

The elites have continued to stir up this rage, sorrow, and fear. I have seen several times this Bill Moyers article. I only read the first few lines of what he said as I didn't need to go further to understand his intent.
"America died on Nov. 8, 2016, not with a bang or a whimper, but at its own hand via electoral suicide. We the people chose a man who has shredded our values, our morals, our compassion, our tolerance, our decency, our sense of common purpose, our very identity — all the things that, however tenuously, made a nation out of a country."
Moyers is making himself part of sending the young people and those most emotionally fragile into such a dither. Statesmen rise to an occasion but fear-mongers sink under it. That's what we are seeing. Anyway, I wanted to share what I would have said after one of its Facebook shares, until I decided I didn't need more hassle there. Anybody who comes here, knows what they will be getting.

People don't all see it this way and not all who voted for Trump voted based on bigotry etc. I know many are blaming the voters but most Americans know someone quite nice, who voted for him but did it based on immigration issues, a fear we had lost our values, that our government wanted to run our lives. Most likely the Trump voters they know aren't talking about it because the rage on the left, all the way through the campaign, has trumped anything the tea party or its ilk threw out. Terrorism, of course, has long been on both sides.

I was not a secret Trump voter. I did not, however, vote proudly for her. I had to vote for her even though I saw, based on the things she'd done, that she was an ethically flawed person who had used a system to become very rich. I voted for her based on issues. 

And on issues, it was weighing them to decide which mattered most to me. There were things Trump wanted to do that I actually thought would be good-- like getting control of our immigration where some obey the rules strictly but many have seen our laws as for somebody else. How can you have laws for immigration and ignore them but then say other laws must be obeyed??? For the elites in this country, we have a buffet style legal system-- obey what pleases you. The government encourages insecurity by randomly coming down on some while ignoring others doing the same things. 

Regarding immigration, the elite media has ignored what Trump has said would be his policy. Right now they are stirring fear in the dream kids, who came here with family as children. What he actually said was build a wall to stop people coming, be better on going after those who overstay visas without permission, but first deport those who have committed a crime. He may find that tough enough. He also proposes tougher penalties for those who come here illegally-- you know like Canada and Mexico do now. We've had a so-so attitude toward the illegal entries and mostly just send them back where they immediately return. He has proposed the second illegal entry means jail time. Now can he get that through, I don't know, but I believe borders and laws should have meaning.

The very idea that Moyers would continue to stir up rage, sorrow, or fear seems to make Moyer himself less of the man than I thought he was. His hyperbole is over the top, and this is not the time for it. I thought he was a statesman but guess not. He was enraged himself that his words didn't convince all of America to embrace what he does which is globalism. I get it, but to not accept a different view, one that values nationalism, is not to say this nation no longer exists. pfffftttt

A lot on the left have disappointed me, like when it was revealed that Donna Brazile gave exact questions to Hillary Clinton in the debates with Bernie Sanders. I thought of Brazile as an honorable woman, and it so disappointed me that she'd have done such a thing. She was rewarded for it by being given temporary head of the DNC, who had also been less than honest in how they worked to get Hillary and not Bernie. 

Having seen both candidates as flawed (no surprise at all that Hillary would take those questions, as cheating in the name of winning seems right up her alley), I voted purely on issues, which meant I felt none of the emotions that are now raging through this country. 

Because I had seen the rage that commentators like Chris Hayes had for the very thought of Trump, I quit those networks long ago but can only imagine how they are stirring up the people who did vote on emotions. For the ones who voted for Hillary on issues, I expect they are less emotionally driven now. 

I believe unlike what Moyers suggested that a lot at stake here was whether our laws and policies would be driven by globalism or nationalism. People got it that Trump was a flawed person, who they hope will rise to the job but I think many voted on nationalism-- our country means our country first and doing good for the world next. There are countries in Europe that have benefited in their infrastructure by our taking on the policing of the world, while we let our own infrastructure suffer. Their airports are modern, many of ours decaying.  I like some of the big aspects of nationalism, like not going to war around the world and being the world's mercenaries when they resent us for doing it. 

But I couldn't vote for him on environmentalism, science, social issues, and the Supreme Court. His lack of studying both sides was another risk with him as a president-- but that appears to be a bit rampant right now in Americans. It further divides us as a people when we don't get to know the 'other' when we insult those who disagree with us as if they are lesser citizens. Well, guess what, they had a vote and they used it. Some of the crazy political correctness attitudes have added to the upset some felt with the status quo. Being tolerant and understanding others is a two way street... or should be.

Some of those who voted for him also voted for Bernie with the hope both would bring change to the country but in different ways. Bernie also didn't want more foreign wars. He also thought our trade deals had been flawed. Anybody who doesn't have Medicare, Medicaid, work for the government, or a big corporation understands how badly premiums are rising with ACA. It needs to be fixed and exactly how, it's hard to say. Trump has said people need to have health care, and he has suggested a few ideas during the campaign. It's hard to say what the Republicans will do now that they have an opportunity to try other plans. I could write a whole blog on how this health care system was always going to end up like it is but this is not about that.

The ugliness that has been thrown at Trump (some his own doing) during the election was done by an elite media, intellectuals, celebrities, and neocons who are in both parties. Wars benefit some a lot. Rage and out of control emotions help hedge fund guys make more money off the panic. 

Despite what Moyers said, this country isn't gone. It just is made up of more than those elites. It is made up of those where when foreign workers flow in and work for lower wages, their wages are lowered and jobs lost. It's made up of those who didn't profit when corporations sent manufacturing overseas. It's made up of those who believed in the values with which they were raised and can't understand why that is bad. They voted for Trump despite all the media did to convince them that the builder, showman, gambler, and maybe conman was also a raging maniac. He convinced the people of who he was by bypassing expensive ads and going directly to the people. He won, and it cost him $5 a vote. Guess who is angry at that.

Yes, he's a redneck (definition: the grunt workers, those who build things, work with their hands, sometimes talk crude, have more earthy values, more fear of the future based on the economic level where most work-- with a few millionaire exceptions. Money doesn't take someone out of being a redneck-- it's someone whose neck is red because of laboring in the sun)...but so are a lot of Americans. 

My husband, who is a good man on a ton of levels, was considering voting for him until I reminded him who Trump would appoint to the Supreme Court. My husband is no racist, hater of women, but he is a rancher and a man who works with small start up companies to get them going technologically. He has seen the damage some of the overreach on regulations has done to block  start ups. 

So whatever happens with Trump, and some of what he is likely to do, I also will be whining about based on important issues to me, this country was never just made up of elites and maybe that's what is so upsetting to Moyers. He lives in an elite bubble, and it came as a shock to him that this country is made up of more than that-- hence he lowered himself to insults and scary words. Too bad, I used to respect him.


Ingineer66 said...

The left has nobody but themselves to blame. If they would have run a real primary and let Biden or somebody else run, instead of rigging it for Hillary, maybe they would have won. Many people that voted for Trump were in the anybody but Hillary camp.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree. And when they manipulated and even cheated to get her, they just enforced the idea that she's not trustworthy

Ingineer66 said...

Apparently they are still lying. Did you see the story about the distraught woman that went for a walk to calm down because she was so upset about the results and ran into Hillary doing the same thing? Then the story comes out that the woman worked for Hillary. It wasn't a chance encounter.

Rain Trueax said...

It's not getting better from what I've seen at Facebook. I've had to unfollow those that apparently want a revolution. The anger, fear and grieving gets old fast. I didn't vote for her but I am not out there going nuts. I think they voted on emotions which is a big mistake. Vote on logic and you get less upset later

T. Paine said...

Excellent "rant". :) I, personally, would have loved to have seen a presidential contest between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. At that point, it would have been a contest based on ideas and philosophies instead of choosing between two deeply flawed and corrupt candidates like we got.

Rain Trueax said...

It would have been on the issues, T.Paine and definitely give Americans more to think about. I think Bernie would have done better against Trump also. The DNC didn't want that and made sure it didn't happen. Americans need to think more about what they want but they are too distracted by who wins Dancing with the Stars, etc. Issues like globalism or nationalism bore them and yet will impact all they do. It's a shame so many have gotten so intellectually lazy and buy the easiest slogan rather than look beyond it.

T. Paine said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I know several millenials that based their votes on who Kanye West or Katy Perry supported. Amazing...