Monday, November 21, 2016

a shout out or not

This article is from a right wing leaning newspaper, the New York Post, a paper that counters the very left wing leaning newspaper, the New York Times. It says well what I think also (why I like it, of course). I was tempted to put the link in FaceBook except I'm trying to stay off dissent there and some would be bound to resent it... you know who you are ;)

Where this piece gets it so right is how narrow minded many campuses are. I remember when Berkley students tried to get Bill Maher disinvited to speak because of what he had said about the religion of Islam emphasizing its rules on women, gays and its source for radical Islam. This unwillingness to hear the other viewpoint has happened on many campuses. Speak out in a way that they don't like and they will ban or shout you down. I thought the piece was a nuanced approach to get the left to think just a little bit about the possible log in their own eye ;)

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T. Paine said...

Amen! Further, the idea of "safe spaces" on campus where students can hide in an artificial bubble from all ideas and thoughts that they find offensive or counter to their own is absolutely asinine and counter to the notion of learning. If we simply surround ourselves with only those people that look, act, and think like us, how are we to ever learn and grow and develop understanding if not compassion for our fellow man and woman?