Saturday, October 08, 2016

not sure how many this makes but this is a rant!

Every time I get to thinking the political season can't sink any lower, it does. As I've written other places, the attacks aren't just on the candidates but anyone who dares vote for one of them.

So Trump said something crass, bragged about something he may never have done, but if he did, the women will likely come forward now to say-- yep, he did it to me. I won't go into what he said as it's everywhere, the headline of all papers and blogs are full of outrage. Any woman who was ever assaulted has just taken this personally. It might well be the end of his chance to win.

Conveniently for the Clinton campaign, it came out at the same time as the Wikileaks on her emails and speeches before the bankers, etc. That was totally swamped by the outrage. 

I have a question though. How come these same people continued to support Bill Clinton? Where was the feminist outrage over the women who said he assaulted or raped them? Why was it okay for Hillary to call those victimized by him trailer trash and demean their character? It wasn't all consensual but the outraged lefties know that. Because that was the Clintons and they are immune from criticism from lefties?

Right now I am angry too but at a system like ours and yes at the ones who would accuse me, if I was voting for Trump, of being deplorable and a supporter of molesters (which we don't yet have an accusation from a woman that Trump was). His statement was crude and stupid. If that's how men talk in locker rooms, they are disgusting. But isn't Bill Clinton in the same category and yet it was okay with Hillary to stay with him, attack the women, and now act outraged that a man would say something crude. My gosh, she never dreamed that was possible. Broaddrick on this subject

There likely aren't many women who didn't have someone grope them inappropriately. I experienced it from a cousin and yes, I still remember it. But the difference between me and the outraged who still support Clinton, I see Clinton for what he is and likewise Hillary, who is just as ego-driven, vengeful, and deceptive as Trump but she's better at hiding it. Does that make it better?

I may not vote this time, even though I always have, from the very first time I ever voted (which happened to be for Lyndon Johnson, and we later learned he was also pretty good bad at crude talk and molesting). I find it increasingly difficult to vote for either of these two candidates. I don't pray, but if I did, I'd pray for our country when either of them get in power. :( 


Ingineer66 said...

Trump is a moron when it comes to some things, but this does seem overly hyped. Remember when Clinton was nailing interns in the Oval Office, we were told that his personal life doesn't matter when it comes to his job as President. Now with Trump his personal life is all that seems to matter. Seems pretty funny to me that Trump says he likes p***y and that his horrible. I am sure Bill never said he liked it when he was chasing all those women.

Rain Trueax said...

Yeah and hillary didn't put down his bimbos as a way to hold onto power... Uh huh, sure. I have never been more disgusted by the media. This also has gone so viral with those who already didn't like him and now are attacking anyone who does. ugh

Anonymous said...

Nothing like "dirty" politics to keep the wells clear.