Thursday, October 27, 2016

more lowering of America?

Deplorable or Nasty

Supposedly those two words have ended up badges of honor to the opposing parties. Now when Hillary called half of Trump supporters deplorables, it was a clear insult that they were not nice people. When Trump said Hillary was a nasty woman, he was not complimenting her strength.

The way women have decided to take pride in being nasty blows my mind. I am the wrong generation to appreciate this but does this mean the mean girls in the movie of that name is now the way women believe they should treat others???-- It's not being nice and kind but nasty that means a woman has power? For those of you who use words loosely with no clue what they mean, here's the definition of nasty.
1. highly unpleasant, especially to the senses; physically nauseating; unpleasant, disagreeable, disgusting, distasteful, awful, dreadful, horrible, etc.
2. a person acting in an unpleasant way; spiteful
3. noun: unpleasant or harmful person or thing 
The meme that I saw going around Facebook was that the woman was nasty for Hillary and that meant empowered. Nasty does not mean powerful. When Trump called Hillary nasty, he meant she acts spitefully, is mean, disagreeable (to those who are beneath her) and he was likely basing it on the stories out there how those who have worked for her regard her treatment of them.

From the left, I am hearing that a vote for Trump is a vote for assaulting women.  Well, if so, then is a vote for Hillary a vote for women becoming mean girls and regarding snide comments or insults as a way to show their power?

Deplorable is another word no one should take pride in being called.
1. Very bad in a way that causes shock, fear, or disgust; hopeless with no hope of being redeemed; Worthy of severe condemnation or reproach
2. Lamentable; woeful
3. Wretched
This is not just how Hillary sees the Trump supporters but all beneath her. She values money and celebrity. For those who don't know this, they haven't run afoul of her by being beneath her. Whether she will change in the White House and become someone who truly does consider herself the President of all the people, it's hard to say... but if her big lesson to women is to be nasty, she won't have done a thing to improve our country and how we treat others. 

Speaking one's mind is not being nasty unless it's done in a demeaning way. Women can be strong without being mean but that's not putting on a badge that says Nasty for Hillary and seeing that as a badge of honor. Or is nasty the new virtue for Americans???

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