Tuesday, October 18, 2016

another option

This morning, I woke up thinking about the options we have for November. We are told we have to vote for one of the two major party candidates as anything else is wrong. Some comedians are good at ridiculing any third party option, as the argument goes-- those candidates can't win, don't really have responsible plans, and so to vote third party is throwing away your vote.

Yes, the third parties cannot win this time. But it's not throwing away the vote. Electoral College determines the next President, but numbers do get counted. If the minor parties get enough votes, they get a small percentage of matching funds in 2020. You don't vote for one for '16, which is probably decided. You vote to grow a third party option so that maybe the next time we choose a President, there will be a viable third option. This is especially true in a state where the majority is so great for one or the other party that your vote won't change things-- but the numbers do.

If someone is happy with the Democrat or Republican this go round, then great. You are fortunate. But when not, think about the possibility of voting for someone who has your views on issues, can't win, but would be a good addition to the discussions next time around.

Many of us don't like either party, but we keep voting for them because we think there's no alternative. Currently that's right, but I don't think it has to stay that way.

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