Saturday, August 13, 2016

Turning it around

My father died in 1980, but we used to talk politics. One of the things he said would come to pass someday was a war between the have and have-nots. He believed people would shoot strangers just because they were enraged at what they regarded as unfairness. We have seen a lot of that come to pass-- sometimes using religion or race as an excuse. He had lived through the Great Depression and understood tough times, but the problem he saw was an unfairness gap.

We are currently seeing an odd time where we have political candidates that so divide people that they end friendships. Not that this has never happened before but with an ever-present media, we know so much more and maybe too much. Is there such a thing as an unbiased media? I don't personally think so. Facts always are interpreted and there is where bias comes in.

This article by Peggy Noonan described what I also believe we are seeing, but it's not just wealth as another kind of elitism. She describes a situation of elites who have no loyalty to country but only to class.

We hear it in this current political campaign in the US where Trump calls out for nationalism and the media tears him apart for being a selfish racist and Hillary talks up globalism and she's praised as sensitive to reality. Which is reality? She says she won't support Obama's TPP but who believes that once she gets in office?

Elites don't have to be wealthy. They can be intellectual elites. They are those isolated from different ideas and those who aren't from their 'class' with the end result a widening gulf. 

In any interview program, before someone opens their mouth, we know what side they will be on and their ability to explore problems in their own side ain't happenin'. Last night I watched a cable news channel where the host tried to get one of the partisan defenders to discuss a problem their candidate had. At every attempt, the defender turned it around-- everybody does it or that other candidate is worse. Never once did they explore their own candidate's problem. I still don't know if they recognized it but refused to discuss it or simply didn't see it.

If there is no way to turn this around, with elites running things and having zero compassion for those who disagree, where do we end up? Can we have a nation without borders or rules? If we have rules, who makes them?

Yes, this is a rant and it's worse for having no idea how to fix this as I see both candidates for the US Presidency to be flawed-- and not one worse than the other. Both in different ways. The more I learn, the worse I see this all as being. Whoever wins in November, I think the American people are screwed and along with them a lot of the world. What is happening here, as the example of Germany makes, is happening elsewhere-- sometimes with not just emotional but physical violence.

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