Wednesday, August 03, 2016

on the other side

Currently we have at least two and maybe more Americas. Where you get your news is a lot of how you see whatever might've happened. I think that the cultural divide is even greater than the partisan one.

An example is what I read last night: 

The Obama administration says this is all coincidence, as it was part of $2 billion owed for downing the Iranian airliner by mistake-- That might even be true... but the timing looks like it's not and you can bet the right doesn't see it as coincidence since it was hidden.

Shouldn't the Obama administration have been a little careful at how things look given the hate and distrust that is spinning around? And if it's only reparations, why do it so secretively (read the article)? Don't they know by now that nothing stays secret forever-- especially not that big??? 
The right considers this revelation one way (Obama is a sneaky dictator and lies all the time) and the left the opposite (coincidence or he did it that way because of the nasty right, who would never understand), and so the divide grows. 
Frankly, I don't see how either, of the two major candidates for the Presidency, will be changing this. If Trump really got immediately impeached, unlikely but who knows, and Pence got the office, it wouldn't be better since he is an extreme rightie with very fundamentalist views on our laws.
When you see no hope for a solution, that is depressing.


Ingineer66 said...

Just don't bring up a 2nd amendment solution. 😎

Rain Trueax said...

I tried explaining to people what that statement had meant; but if you are a leftie, you see it only one way-- a threat of violence. It's caused me to once again quit reading a blog that is constantly painting Trump as a threat to the country. I might not want him based on issues but the histrionics make me sympathize with him and remember Goldwater and Perot where the media and left did the same thing. Different names-- same game. :(

Ironic that they don't see a problem with Hillary and others calling Donald the most dangerous man to ever run for President, a fascist, a racist, etc. etc. All accusations that could lead a nut to shoot him.

The way the media has done on this has infuriated me. They are out for only one purpose and ignore all about Hillary that makes her suspect. They also give no time to Klein or Johnson, who are probably both more ethical and better suited to be President-- and have issues oriented campaigns.