Monday, August 01, 2016

lesser of evils

I have a question and would appreciate any answers. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but the latest kerfuffle involves parents who claimed that where it came to immigration Trump was going against the Constitution. The father waved the pocket Constitution as evidence of this. Where does the Constitution have a section that claims there cannot be standards for allowing immigration? I went looking and must have missed it.

This father has gotten more publicity for his claims because of Trump's attacks on him. His judgment in such situations is lousy. Some think, on the right and the left that it will be the one thing to bring Trump down. Now I might want to see Trump lose, but doesn't it seem there should be truth on both sides to do it?

If you only read the left wing side on sites like Huffington, you get one view. If you are on right wing sites like The Hill, you get another-- smearing Donald Trump. The thing is, from the beginning, Trump did not say all Muslims. He said the ban would last until we could assess which ones had ties to terrorist organizations. Who objects to that? 

It turns out, after some research, that Mr. Khan is in favor of calling out those with terrorist ties. When he says he and his family would not have been allowed in, he's not being honest-- since I assume they had no such ties given what I've heard him to say.

 My frustration is, as I see it, we have two ethically challenged people running for the Presidency. Even Hillary's own side knows she lies and pathologically like when in the recent Sunday morning show she claimed the FBI cleared her on the emails. That was not the truth. Is she, like Trump, unable to discern truth??? Is she a pathological liar or does she just assume her followers actually won't check facts?

She was right when she said you can't trust the nuclear codes to someone who is unable to control his need for revenge whenever someone attacks him. He shows his immaturity over and over, and just did it again; but she's not a lot better. She is some, but not a lot. Voting though for a third party, even if one of them is ethically better, just guarantees it's going to be Trump or Clinton.

Some who read here are thrilled with one of these candidates. I wish I was. It'd make the next months a lot easier to take. As it stands, I'll have to vote for Clinton, but I won't be happy about it and don't believe she will stick to what she says she'll do, or not milk being President for all the money she can get as she has before. Sorry, but she is not a woman of the people. She's just the less bad. I'll be interested in seeing if anyone who reads here has something to say that might make me feel better about my vote.


Ingineer66 said...

It is difficult but I will take the self absorbed jerk over the corrupt, criminal, military hating, liar.

Rain Trueax said...

I am not happy with either but the way Trump jumps on people who insult him makes me wonder what he'd do if he got the power of the Presidency behind him. He was foolish in how he reacted to the Khans and turned this into a big story. But Hillary-- ugh.

One thing I know-- the ones who will vote for Trump are not bigots any more than the ones who will vote for Clinton. Wanting change is a big reason some choose Trump. Believing in our laws is another. It gets me that the idea of enforcing our border laws, already on the books, is supposed to be bigotry. Democrats act as though Trump invented these laws. And he's not saying allow in none. He's saying make it legal what you allow in.

I am finding I cannot read certain news sources anymore because their bias is just too evident. It's already cost me watching much of cable news. Now I am trying to find sources that give honest headlines and don't ignore facts.

Rain Trueax said...

This says a lot about what's wrong with Trump in terms of personality and why he's scary. What gets me is that we have two such candidates but she at least has a self interest to keep her from the deep end. There is something very wrong with Donald Trump. It goes way beyond being self-absorbed. The sad part is he had issues that I could see would have been good for the country to confront but he is lazy in terms of research and he simply cannot keep his mouth shut when he should.

Wally Blue said...

I'll be voting for Hillary. Yes, she is a lying, cheating, money grubber who will keep the country entrenched in a corrupt oligarchy, but Trump's pathological narcissism is worse than hers by several degrees of magnitude. When party leaders have to disavow everything their candidate does or says (every single day!)then they have the wrong candidate. The candidacy of Trump is a result of 40 years of Republican pandering to the lowest common denominators of society. The same could be said of Hillary's candidacy but on the other end of the ideological spectrum.

Rain Trueax said...

Here is why some feel the other way about the vote That"s not what she heard...