Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Anyone with any interest in the current political race for Presidency in the United States has already read all the articles they care to about why Hillary Clinton skated on a charge that would've and has led to others being prosecuted. She got off because she is Hillary Clinton. She is doubtless jubilant about now. She should not be. She should be ashamed, but I have a feeling, as much as Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist, as some claim, so is Hillary. 

For those who like her, she can do no wrong and accusations regarding a private, secretive email server and lying about what she had on it is just a right wing conspiracy. For those like me, who can barely stand to hear her talk on anything, it's seen differently. 

When someone posts a piece by the extreme rightie, Allan West (no, I am not linking to that one), and I agree with him, there is no joy in Mudville. Pretty much any analysis by someone unbiased says the same thing. She walked on a technicality that didn't exist in the law. Maybe she will win the presidency that way. Maybe.

The bad part for me is I cannot possibly vote for this woman now. I used to think I could but no way. I get phone calls from anonymous and hear Clinton's strident voice as she asks for money. Excuse me but don't you have any pride in it being you? How dare you try to trick people into picking up the phone? Anybody honorable, business or person, has their name show up with caller ID. Not her.

But I can't vote for Trump either. So that leaves me one choice. Since I began voting at 21 (that was back in the dark ages), I've voted for one of the two major parties. This year, it looks like I'll be voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian (a social liberal and fiscal conservative based on his stand on the issues). He can't win. I am equivalently avoiding responsibility, but I won't vote for Clinton and have no idea what Trump would do if he got in. To be honest, right now, I'd worry less about that than her. 

It also leaves me uncertain how to support Senate candidates. If she gets it and she has the Senate behind her, what kind of damage could she do? If Trump got it with the Senate behind him, what kind of damage could he do? I guess there are a couple of Senate candidates I can trust but if I don't know them or I do know them (that means you Ron Wyden) I am giving no dollars out. 

As an old woman, I've seen a lot of elections and always voted. I have never seen one as disappointing as this one. 


Ingineer66 said...

There are quite a few folks in the same boat as you. But I am worried that a vote for Johnson will be a vote for Hillary. Trump can't be that bad, can he?

Rain Trueax said...

Not as bad as her in my mind ;) But i can't vote for him as it stands. He just seems too unstable-- what's with this always having to strike back at anyone who disagrees with him! I like Johnson. Maybe he'll surprise us and win. The two parties always say someone outside can't win... Maybe they are wrong. To win, Trump has to go too far right to ever satisfy me even if he's not a nutcase lol.

Ingineer66 said...

We all knew the fix was in for Mrs. Clinton, but now everybody knows. Will they care, we shall see.

Rain Trueax said...

The latest with the DNC emails being hacked and immediately Clinton says it was Putin because Russia wants Trump not here totally is being bought by the left as far as I can tell. They don't even care what those emails said. I am so disgusted with the American people right now and frankly on both sides. The only people I can get along with and discuss this are in the middle lol leaning one way or the other.

Ingineer66 said...

Pretty sad that our choice is a self absorbed jerk or a corrupt, criminal, pathological liar. I am laying low on Facebook for the most part when it comes to politics. I have some neighbors that are all in for Hillary and I figure it is best to not say much around them.

Rain Trueax said...

Ingineer, I agree with laying low on Facebook. I've never felt it gained anything when I have commented there. I've finally gotten most of the political sources hidden-- from both sides.

I absolutely do not get this obsession with how exciting that a woman has been nominated for President. I did not though vote for Obama based on his race. I vote on issues and ethics. Being a moderate or centrist, I am not happy with either party as well as their candidates. Trump says some of the dumbest things that show he doesn't study issues at all. But Hillary... ugh! It's ironic that the feminists are promoting this as all about her being a woman except-- she is riding there on the coattails of two men. Sorry but her own record is not that exciting to have gotten where she is. *taking deep breaths*

One thing I believe is talking politics doesn't convince anybody but might reassure them how wise they are that others agree with them. It's not worth the hassle at Facebook. I will continue writing things here but am quite sure that gains nothing either in terms of changing minds.

What has gotten me is how cleverly the Clintons managed to turn the release of the DNC emails into a story about Putin instead of what those emails revealed about who those staffers were. If they'd read the info, they might see something about the ones they support. They don't though or they say-- they might be faked, even though the DNC is not denying they are real. the same thing would be true if Assange next releases some that show up the GOP. Each side only cares about what makes their side look good and the other side look bad. They don't really look at information for any other reason. Sad and it's getting us the government we have with more of the same in terms of senseless wars and economic policies that hurt the middle