Tuesday, June 21, 2016

frustrating and it ain't getting better

Right now, I watch some of the news and feel almost sick, like the MP murdered in England because her political views didn't agree with the mentally ill, conservative, where voting is not enough. Then the young man who tried to get hold of a gun to kill Trump. This is a very scary season politically and actually for all of us. It's not new to win your political point by killing someone. Just didn't we think we were past that. 

I've been mostly engaged in the next of the Hemstreet Witches books. The first one isn't doing well as far as sales, but I committed myself to writing about these five women and by golly I will do it. The shorter books help some and it's fun to imagine magic could solve problems, deal with evil in a way the rest of us find impossible-- those of us who even admit evil exists.

I am still very disillusioned by our two potential nominees and it worries me if either get the presidency. What a year is all I can say.

This squirrel was frustrated too. He's looking at the long thin bird feeder and he can't get at it. I know just how he feels.

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