Friday, June 24, 2016


Going against so much of the conventional wisdom, not unusual for me, I can kind of understand why the UK and particularly England and Wales, went for leaving the EU. When in it, someone else calls their shots, and that kind of control can be upsetting when you don't know that it's for your benefit but for someone else's.

I read that in England, the middle class wanted to remain and the lower economic levels to leave. They are the ones most hurt by workers coming from elsewhere who will work for lower wages, while the better off likely benefit from that. I suspect the US sees some of that same division here-- other than many believe our middle class is disappearing.

My main thought is don't let the media stir this into more of a frenzy than it has to be. They tend to do that with fear talk about stocks falling. Mostly when they fall, they also rise, unless a particular company goes bust. Hold on and don't panic. The panic profits the venture capitalists who love to see people sell off in fear; so they can buy low.

We will see some of this in the fall if Trump should win. Again, wait for disaster before going into a frenzy. Anticipating it doesn't do much good-- except cause ulcers. And same if Hillary wins. Wait to see what happens, don't let the media create a firestorm that doesn't exist if they weren't there feeding it.

I would like to hear what readers here feel about what happened. I've followed the story but honestly haven't known what to think other than I am leery of concentrated power.


Ingineer66 said...

Who knows for sure. I find it interesting that many British celebrities were happy about the vote, but JK Rowling was not. Well she will make less money while the pound is weak against the dollar, so Maybe that is the reason.

Rain Trueax said...

It's been interesting to watch the media through this. I tried to watch some of MSNBC but the doom and gloom, the hate was too much for me. I turned on Fox and surprisingly it had more pro and con people, more actual discussion. MSNBC has become the station of hate Trump all the time and what they actually stand for, I have no idea, since they want Hillary, who is also for globalization and the kind of government the EU has been forcing where unnamed, unelected bureaucrats make the laws and decisions for everybody else. I can see why it hasn't been popular.

Celia said...

Sad to think the gossip mongers have so much influence. I hope it works for them. I'm kind of interested to see if Scotland actually leaves the GB. I'm for it but I don't live there.

Rain Trueax said...

I knew little about how the EU was run until this all happened. It's been a education as if we didn't have enough division going on in our own country! lol