Friday, May 27, 2016

an annoying season

For those who might not know, I also write romance novels (contemporary, historical, and paranormal). That tends to sometimes keep me busy enough that covering my blogs (Rainy Day Thought and Rain Trueax) is all I can do while editing or writing the books. 

Then there is the frustration I feel with this political season. I have probably mentioned before that I am a moderate. I have some very strong ideas, but they don't fit in boxes thus it's easy for me to offend right and left with my viewpoints. 

This political season has made it especially difficult for moderates as we aren't really happy with anybody. In Oregon's primary, I voted for Bernie mainly because I feel he's an honorable man, not owned by anyone but I don't agree with him on all his policies. He was just head and shoulders over Hillary for me-- and being a registered Democrat (because in Oregon you have to be one or the other if you want to vote in the primary), it was him or her. I'd be an Independent otherwise as frankly I rarely agree with the Democratic party's platform. Hillary is not remotely someone I want to see in the White House and I haven't admired how the Democratic party has worked to make sure she's the only one who can get the nomination. Her stand on issues doesn't suit mine and I don't really trust her to do what she says given her donors and her past shifts.

Frankly some of what Trump says doesn't offend me as it does other Democrats. For instance when he said he wouldn't allow Muslims to immigrate here until it could be determined which ones had ties to terrorist cells. That's extreme? It just seems commonsense to me, but it riles up Democrats when I say it as they want to see Trump as totally bigoted. That doesn't mean I see him as President. His seeming mental instability, the way he is so easily tweaked, his statements that sometimes seem nuts-- like we should go back to oil and not solar or wind. And who would he appoint to the Supreme Court? That alone will probably make me have to vote for Hillary.

Anyway in a political season like this one, a person wants to bury their head in the sand if they aren't extreme on either party. I could go on with the reasons, but it would only annoy the few readers this blog has!

I hope we get through this political season without violence as it's certainly being stirred into being-- and that by both sides. When someone blames Trump for the riots around his speaking events, I can only say-- and who's rioting and throwing rocks at police, firing off guns, attempting to block attendees, yelling to drown out the speech, waving Mexican flags? Not someone who believes in freedom of speech, that's for sure.

See I knew I could annoy someone here ;)


Ingineer66 said...

Any Trump SCOTUS nominees would likely align with your views more than any Hillary nominees. He is part Democrat at heart. And he has lots of wives and daughters. No chance he is really anti choice. Hillary on the other hand is trying to take away everyone's guns and that is a scary thought with her scorned tone and yearning to get even with political enemies.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, but who knows what we'd get with Trump. He says some pretty dumb things and seems easily influenced by tabloids. When he admires someone like John Bolton or Sarah Palin I have to wonder who would end up in a Trump cabinet if he gets it. His recent speech in California on how just hold back the water for the big growers and let the wetlands go or that we should go back to more oil and forget natural energy makes me know he'd not make me happy if he gets it. He does not believe in climate change while he builds a wall around his golf course in Florida to keep out rising ocean levels. What does the man really believe?

You should see the video of the clip when Scott Adams talked about what has made Trump successful-- mind control techniques that work. It was a brilliant analysis but what would we then get??? Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. Definitely worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Rain. I'm back. Read your first novel and it was great. You finally found your niche. Congratulations. Re: above post. Surprised at your vote for Bernie. Not so much about your take on Trump. But really happy you figured out Hillary. That woman is poison and would be Obama on steroids as President. So would Bernie, but at least he's honest, honorable, and out of jail. . . .Bump

Rain Trueax said...

I don't actually see Trump as bad as some. This latest with the Hispanic (heritage judge) is a good example. If whites can be prejudiced, why can't Hisapnics and that one belongs to la Raza groups. So...

Anonymous said...

Rain . . . As of this moment Trump has made a number of statements easy to find fault with. You're right though. Trump isn't the worst ever. The judge may be a stinker in black. He should not be a member of la Raza - if he is. The media has failed all of us. Everything they say must be questioned. They purposely give us a skewed look. Or downright lie. Who to believe. Trump may be more thoughtful, more considerate, more diplomatic, more knowledgeable, and all of those good things - but is more likely to be just more like Donald Trump. His business success probably indicates a measure of tact and negociating skills - and then again maybe he's just been a good bully. At this point as I see it Mr Trump would not even be in contention if (1) the RNC was on the ball, (2) the GOP hadn't lost it's integrity, (3) and Hillary wasn't such an incredibly mean spirited, clueless, and incompetent politician with no conscience what-so-ever. She makes Trump look almost one notch better. Yuck


Rain Trueax said...

it's a terrible political season for someone who wants to think positive. I always like to think this or that will work out. That Trump won't be a jerk and then he says something new that makes him sound like an ass. And Hillary is so arrogant and her people seem to ignore anything negative about her. I don't want to see the Republicans though try to push Trump out during their convention (as some want) because the alternatives they want are more likely to get us into wars-- exactly Bill Crystol's desire. Ugh.

Ingineer66 said...

Trump! He's not the worst choice. How is that for a campaign slogan.

Rain Trueax said...

lol, Ingineer, but that could go the other way too-- Hillary, she's not the worst choice. Frankly, I am not sure that's true of either of them. They both scare me in different ways.

It's interesting that he has so little money to spend; and she, of course,is well endowed by Wall Street and the oligarchs. Not hard to tell who they want. With the corporate sponsors unwilling to fund the Republican convention, it's easy to see that Trump truly is Mr. Smith goes to Washington if you leave off his prickly personality ;). What I wonder is if he doesn't actually have as much ready cash as he has been implying. You can have vast amounts of wealth but if it's all tied up, he's got a problem with advertising. Although I wonder how much good advertising does in today's disillusioned world.

What got me was watching some of Rachel Maddow last night and she went on and on with bad stuff about Trump as she gleefully added one thing after another; but nothing about some of the questionable Hillary history and its ramifications (like donations to their foundation. Who is looking into whether that paid off on more than plush appointments). I didn't have the energy to watch Fox after that and turned onto GAC to watch people pick out RV units ;). I have become very fond of those shows. One is on Wednesday night too-- find the right RV (some have bunkbeds for kids), hit the road, live in parks or boondock, and get disconnected. ;) We are particularly interested because we're thinking of selling the trailer to get an fifth wheeler. Paul thinks it'd be more stable in wind and easier to park. We could not though take the canoe. Always something. Some have big enough cargo holds to have a kayak or two.