Friday, October 02, 2015

what can we do?

Yesterday, like everyone else who had a radio, television or computer on, I was feeling the same shock that repeats with each of these mass shootings. This one was closer to home but they all hit close to home because we know they could happen where we or our loved ones are. The thing we all wonder each time is what would stop this? Some say take away all guns. They know that won't really happen because even if that law went out, some would keep their guns. I'd be all for stopping the purchase of assault rifles and extended magazines. It would slow down shooters at least but the right wing stops any such attempt-- too much money in it dontchaknow.

Well, then how about better gun regulations as to who can buy a gun? Background checks make sense, but we don't yet know this guy would've had any problem buying his. Oregon did pass such a regulation requiring background checks, but how do they know ahead of time that a nutcase is ready to try for his moment of fame?

Some of the shooters, like the guy in Tucson, would not be able to buy guns. Ironically sometimes those people end up with a family member who buys one for them. What can we do about the one whose mother was buying them all for him?

This guy wanted fame. That can be denied them but it isn't. Time and again they get their picture and name in the paper. Then some other nutcase thinks how cool and they go for the same.

It is rumored that this guy was on some kind of social media site bragging about his intent (if it was him and not another nutcase) but the ones on that site were encouraging him not turning him in. The government could monitor such sites, but a lot of Americans don't like that idea.

Having some people armed could sometimes help. The young man who charged the shooter and ended up shot 5 times likely could have done it if he had been armed. Having been in the military, he had been trained in firearms use. But not everyone could use a gun wisely in such a situation. A lot of times there is no one nearby who could.

There should be praise now for those brave police officers who went in without backup and without waiting. Lately, the police get such a bad time from those blaming them for everything, but they always are the ones who go in when everybody else runs out. [Police officers end the shooter's rampage]

The thing is we should not give these cowardly murderers any notoriety, but the media does time and again. It's time to stop. Don't play the game in the media with why did he do it. Leave that for the experts to study and make it part of serious investigations not the usual media overkill as that 'fame' they give to these losers is part of why they do it-- time and again. 

Personally, I am all for gun regulations and I happen to not only be a gun owner but one with a concealed weapon permit of many years now; but it won't stop all of this kind of carnage. Although if that ex soldier had had one...

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la peregrina said...

I agree, stop naming these people. All media should agree to just call them "the shooter" and not publish any photos of them. Of course this won't happen since the media is more interested in being the first to get their incorrect facts out there than waiting until fact are verified before reporting anything.