Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Isn't there one good person running for the GOP nomination?

It used to be Fiorina and Huckabee topped my list of worst possible candidates on the right wing side. Well, the more I learn about Ben Carson, the Republican rising star, the more he worries me. There have been several statements he's made that have created some of my concern but also articles regarding his past and present.

Give these a try: 

Here's the thing, this guy might be someone with the kind of mental illness that lets him function quite well in many arenas of society but as President? With that kind of power?

As the middle article indicated, the concern goes also to those who vote for someone like Carson, those who want this country run by a dictator from their particular religion, which half the time they barely understand themselves. He says a woman who is pregnant is like a slave owner if she wants to end a pregnancy, but guess he'd let her do it with the morning after pill if she knew in time she might be pregnant... or will he change that too?

This is the guy who said he wouldn't have let the killer in Roseburg kill so many without rousing his fellow students to fight back and uses as an example how he faced a gun once and dealt with it by saying-- you don't want me. You want the guy behind the counter... And he didn't even seem to realize what a cowardly thing he was bragging about.

Because he's quiet, because he's a religious person, because he's black, because he's an extreme right winger, the Republican religious types like the idea of him. It would prove they were not bigoted in their hate of Obama. Or would it?

Carson is a man who profited from all the social programs he could avail himself of but now says they keep people down and should be eliminated for everybody else. Again he seems to have no actual clue what he's saying. Some would vote for him because of his claim that he dragged himself up by his bootstraps. Except he didn't. He was pulled up by the social network that offered him a chance to better his life. Now he sees that network as bad. I mean he has his, doesn't he! 

There are those though who will vote for someone based purely on similar religious values or at least so they think. Carson claims his views on abortion come from his religion. He's a Seventh Day Adventist, who have a very different view on things like the Trinity; but what they say about abortion is it is wrong but should be a matter between a woman and God. This doesn't sound like a Carson, who would push it into back alleys and punish women and abortion doctors. 

Carson is a religious extremist but of what religion?


Ingineer66 said...

He is a surgeon so he has to be a little crazy. And today they said he used to be pro choice like most republican candidates. So I guess that is kind of like Obama being against gay marriage untill he got elected. It is too bad that candidates of both parties have to pretend to be something to get elected. I think the best choice of any of the candidates was probably Jim Webb but he dropped out.

Rain Trueax said...

They say Webb may run as an independent since neither party fit his beliefs with both going farther to the extremes.

If you read what Carson said, he's a very odd duck. The middle article on whether he's mentally off would be the one people should wonder about as was the mathematician, Nash, who they made A Beautiful Mind about. People can be brilliant in one area and nuts in another. There were also some malpractice lawsuits filed against Carson when he was a surgeon. IF I had to vote for a Republican today, much as I hate to say it, I might choose Trump lol. It's hard to say what he really believes on anything and loose talk like closing all the mosques are worrisome or sending back all the illegals, the kinds of things he knows he can't do, but what would he do? Hopefully none of these wantabes will get the office. I still hope Biden gets in if something really bad shows up regarding Hillary's business dealings with that foundation. ;). When we were out and around Tucson, I was listening to Limbaugh the other day and he didn't think Biden is really out of it but is instead waiting...