Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A link worth reading

More reasons that Carly Fiorina should not be in serious contention to run anything-- let alone the United States.

Right winger positions will always cause me to not vote for one, but some are worse... and she is one of those. I hope Republicans do some research before they end up with one of their worst disasters as a nominee.

I should add that in the article, I think the writer blew one aspect. Fiorina probably did see that image she claims. The word is out that it was from a miscarriage. I looked for the pictures and saw them. There was no body harvesting and the words were added over the top by the grifter who is making all those anti-planned parenthood videos. Creative editing has been the name of that guy's game. And to believe this is real without doing research is Carly's game too. It suits her agenda.

Some are making a big deal out of Planned Parenthood making most of its money from abortions as if that is significant. Their director made their point well that a lot of their services are for low income women and they don't charge. I was a recipient of my first ever vaginal exam and prescription for birth control pills when I was in college and about to be married. It cost me nothing. 

Planned Parenthood provides a valuable service for low income women and with the way the right has gone after abortion providers, if Planned Parenthood was stopped from offering that service, there would be even less safe places for abortions. That is the goal of some. Back alley abortions or babies who are unwanted is what they desire to happen.

I doubt Planned Parenthood will be stopped from receiving government help for its services (other than abortion), but whether Fiorina will be stopped is another question. 

For anyone who understands psychology, Fiorina fits the profile of a sociopath. If you ever worked with her, you know how much. Is that what Republicans want as their Presidential candidate? Well, they did run Sarah Palin as Veep; so maybe it is...

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