Monday, June 01, 2015

sometimes a rant doesn't help

This is one of those issues that makes me so mad I can barely type. When a young man is revealed to have been sexually abusing his sisters and another girl who is not identified--who is the victim? In the Christian community, with the rally round the cross mentality that some of them have, it is the Duggar family and the perpetrator himself. This should never have been brought forth goes the argument. It's all to persecute Christians is another. Why mention it now goes yet another!

I am livid, and if you have not been following what happened but are concerned how we as a nation address sexual molestation of children, check out the following links for what happened in Arkansas and most likely a host of other states-- most especially the cover-up that is currently ongoing. 

Yes, I know it's unpleasant and I know you would rather not know, but this is not something that only happens in families you don't know. The consequences, from what happened there and the cover-up, are long lasting. It's not over for that family-- not remotely; and if our nation doesn't get its act together on the abuse of children, it's not over for us either!

My personal rage on this comes from experience as to the aftermath of such abuse. Two of them I know the adult consequences on the victim but not whether the molesters ever felt guilt. (I do know they never faced a criminal penalty as has been the case with Josh Duggar.) One victim was my cousin, the second a girl in our church community. My third personal experience involved a boy as the victim-- and in that case, there was a criminal penalty, but it wasn't a lot. The point was it was something. 

When I spoke my mind on this in Facebook where a Christian had put out a link indicating this should not be brought out now as it only hurts the girls (another liberal christian hating plot that it is), I got unfriended. I'm fine with that as I don't want friends who defend Christianity no matter what it does. There is plenty in the Duggar case to see that happening from the time the molestations happened right up until today.

Bad enough what the man did when he was a teen-ager to his innocent sisters over a two year span, but to say that his time in a youth camp run by a man* (who has been accused of sexual harassment of women) was a sufficient penalty is beyond infuriating. To say that Jesus forgave Duggar and that means it's over pretty well says to Christians they are above the law-- Say you are forgiven and everyone else should let it go because this kind of Christian only answers to an imaginary god with an imaginary set of rules that he can break anytime he wants and pray for forgiveness.

What I say is that the consequences to the girls Duggar molested are not yet finished. My cousin died of a heart attack before she reached 60 after never having married or had children. She was so sweet and innocent and her (and my) cousin molested her regularly. I never knew this until many years later when my brother told me what he had known back then. No criminal penalty for that cousin and maybe no guilt for all I know. He was always hitting on me too but he didn't take it to the molestation level but then I was older and the cousin he misused was younger.

The other case in our country community was a girl who revealed that her brother had been molesting her. Again it didn't go to criminal charges and not sure what the pastor did-- whether he even talked to the young man. She also died way way ahead of her expected lifetime.

It is said that 25% of women have been sexually abused to some level. I won't go on with the stories I know of how that manifests itself, let's just leave it that it does and in many ways.

So the Christian community wants this forgotten because it's something against them. They then are part of the cover-up to avoid embarrassment and damn to laws of the land or moral behavior. Just ask for forgiveness from Christ. He's guaranteed to give it! 

If anybody here watches the Duggars' show, stop right now. It should be taken off the air. Those parents are criminal in the way they promoted themselves as such great Christians while hiding a secret like that. I admit I never have seen the program and found it disgusting since I heard about it. Any family that gets itself fame for having that many children and then using those children to make money does not deserve to be admired for their pious talk. 

But if talk is all you understand about what Christianity is supposed to be about... well, maybe you need to get to know some real followers of Christ. There are a few still around-- but danged few. Check out the Book of Revelations describing various church communities. It defines what I see in much of today's Christian communities. The sad part is, when some defend people like the Duggars, and what they did, they are not followers of who they think... 

The louder the piety is shouted, the more likely it's hiding something.

The worst part about what those pious frauds are trying to hide and bury is what it is doing to innocent children!

* I know something about Bill Gothard mentioned in the above link. Many years ago, we went to his Basic Youth programs when they were in Portland. They were important in our lives when we did. It sounded so good to think that Christianity worked as he claimed. We wanted to believe it and went several times to what amounts to a week-long series of lectures. He was charismatic and convincing. 

Eventually, I lost faith in his authenticity. but if I had not, this would have totally done it. He accepted Josh Duggar into his youth camp as a way to atone for what he had done. Four months in the camp and that was that. Why did he not report him to the authorities? I know the only possible answer-- because Gothard doesn't see legal laws as of importance-- it's only about his interpretation of how God's laws work out-- you know like live a 'good' life, follow the rules, and pray for a car, it'll be yours... I still cannot believe I tried to believe in such but I will say having been on the inside of this way of thinking, it makes it easier for me to speak about it today. 

When I saw his name connected to this story, I felt both irony and disappointment. Not surprise though and that alone is not something to make me happy at all.


la peregrina said...

I agree totally with what you have written, Rain. I will only add that any religious group that thinks its members are above the law and only answers to God is a cult.

Ingineer66 said...

I think child molesters deserve a noose, but it is not just religion that molesters hide behind. The left defended Roman Polanski and the Congressman from Massachusetts that was having sex with underage boys was re-elected.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree, Ingineer. Too often people defend their own rat and see the evil only in someone else's. One thing that troubles me is separating out pedophilia from those who are going after young adults. Legally, where we draw the line at 18, it ignores the fact that many 17 year olds are very mature looking-- female or male. My biggest desire is to protect children.

And Polanski supposedly thought she was older than she was but he's still disgusting as he was a person of power using that to get sex- even worse, her mother helped it happen all to get her daughter fame (note to mothers, that doesn't work). I hadn't heard about the guy in Massachusetts but none of compares to a youth crawling into bed with his sisters.

Where it comes to Hastert, I would like to know the age of the kid he molested. That said, whether he's a pedophile or a gay, he did wrong and should have gone to jail for it. Where it comes to children, the statute of limitation is too short-- especially when it's 3 years. We trust teachers with our kids and when they abuse that trust, they deserve jail time. It's just maybe not a pedophile but a molester/rapist as the distinction.

There are sure a lot of female teachers going to jail for rape these days. It's hard to imagine a woman wanting sex with a boy but it apparently happens.

Wally Blue said...

I also had a spark of recognition when I read about Bill Gothard. We were attending a church in the 70's that urged its members to attend the Basic Youth Conflicts seminars in California. We knew several couples that divorced after attempting to implement those principles of submission by the wife. Todays churches, especially here in America preach a gospel that is not found in the Bible. They embrace a gospel of prosperity, an exaltation of the self, and unbridled capitalism . You don't have to be a bible scholar to detect heresy. But very few people are knowledgeable about their own religion.

Rain Trueax said...

At the time we attended, we were in our early 30s and were looking for something firm in which to believe. We wanted rules that you could live by. It is appealing, but life doesn't work that way. I didn't remember much emphasis on the submission of wives. At that time I didn't know a lot about the Bible myself. In the years after it, I learned a LOT more about it. It is not a guidebook by which one can base every decision, but there are those who take say the story of Ruth or Esther and try to make rules there that fit our decisions. I thought it was interesting in the link that he had been accused of sexual harassment. No surprise as so often we find that's the way these 'leaders' are and not just religious ones.

Ingineer66 said...

I agree there is a difference between an older teen and a young child. The bizarre thing about these women is that many of them are not bad looking. They could easily go to a bar and pick up a guy their own age but they choose to pursue a child instead.

Rain Trueax said...

A lot of rapists could get women too but they want the control. It is probably the same with most of the women.