Wednesday, May 20, 2015

turning it around

I am soooooo down on media and for someone like me who used to be a news junkie, that is saying a lot. But little by little media has turned into an agenda driven machine-- pick your station for your agenda.

The Waco gang war is a good example of why a lot of Americans don't want to watch any of the news programs. 

Because I don't watch much TV right now, I didn't know how the left was trying to use this to again rile up their base. I had no idea anybody would think that what happened between those bikers were anything like what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson. Some wanted to claim it had to do with how white cops see blacks or other whites and how they treat them differently but... based on Waco??? Come on.

How ignorant is the left or right wing media-- each only pushing their goals and using whatever happens to do it! What I think is it's not how ignorant, because maybe they aren't, but rather how desperate are they to make an issue out of whatever will suit their base. What they are evidently seeking is more racial resentment-- like there isn't enough now?

If you are on the road a lot, you have had your own experiences with biker gangs. Regularly they pass by our farm on the highway as this is one of the routes that bikers love to travel. Most are bankers or mechanics and blasting by on their Harleys for a feeling of freedom. It's not always the case and if you are familiar with the biker world, you don't ever wonder which is which.

One of the more interesting times we saw a lot of bikers on the road was coming back from Massachusetts and realizing there were a lot of bikers on the road. What we didn't realize is Sturgis was about to happen which is the kind of biker rally that draws in all types from retired executives to the real deal. They all descend on Sturgis for one of those big events. There are others but it's the big one. When you aren't doing something that irritates a real biker gang, they can be quite friendly and nice.

What went wrong in Waco was evidently a turf war. Gang wars actually are a lot of the killings in America but most are a shooting here or there and not all connected to motorcycles. Texas though evidently has been having some major gang disagreements for who controls what territory and that led to Waco. It had NOTHING to do with what happened in Ferguson or Baltimore for how the police handled it. They came there also with their gear ready for anything and some of the bikers were shooting at them as they shot back.

What the country does about such things is one of those places I have no answer. My answer though to a media gone amok is turn it off. Get news from newspapers and journalism sites. Go to places like VICE, John Oliver or some of the documentaries. For awhile skip the magazine sites. When they figure out that turning everything into a partisan rumble is not profiting them, they'll change what they do. Profiting themselves is all that really matters to them in the end!


la peregrina said...

I agree, Rain. If you want to see how the news is no longer the news on television watch ABC World News Tonight With David Muir. They hype 10 to 30 second videos, their own news magazine shows, and anything sensational. They are so lazy they will reuse the same piece of video night after night.

Ingineer66 said...

Sensationalism and laziness, they are both rampant in the media today.