Wednesday, May 06, 2015

coming up for air and what the---

Finished the rough draft of the book I began April 9th (or thereabouts) and have come up for air to look around. What I am seeing is very disappointing. Now I don't mean to say I didn't read the newspapers during that period of intense writing, but my problems were more involved with my characters and their issues than the country's. It kind of emotionally distances me from being all upset about my world. 

So now, here I am and it's tempting to start another book to avoid looking at what a mess the country seems to be in. And some of it definitely is Obama's fault but certainly not all of it. One big concern is the new treaty that Obama wants to fast track, a treaty that looks to once again sell off American jobs. Does anybody in government figure out that if you don't have manufacturing and real product jobs left in this country, there won't be salaries to pay for government? Don't bother. I know the answer. Most of them are so far removed from real life in America that they have no clue. Anyway if you have been following the talk about TPP, this is worth reading.

Once again the real jobs would be sold overseas, with treaties that don't benefit the American worker with equal trade agreements. I am disgusted with Obama. The sad part though is unless someone is willing to seriously consider Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, who are both pretty far left, who out there won't do this and more if they get into the Oval Office?

Then there is Baltimore. I was not happy at all when I heard the Attorney General say she would bring charges against six police officer for social justice and added that for the young people hearing her words-- this was their day. I nearly spit out my coffee (okay I didn't) but social justice? That's not for her to determine but for legislators. If there is a question of civil rights, then that might go to the courts, but not the legal system, which is supposed to enforce actual laws. It was not up to her to charge someone and likely overcharge them as a way to stop a riot. Mob justice is not justice. Isn't it her job to make sure there is legal justice? She is young, eager, very ambitious politically and what she did made her quite popular with the black community and the far left. The middle in this country less so. She took all of two weeks to make this decision and says it wasn't too fast. She didn't care what it did to these police officer's lives. She made the charges so egregious that she is likely to end up looking like a fool because she wanted to be a social crusader, not a keeper of the law.

Here's the thing with these accusations of police overreach and all of them across the country. Some of these officers do deserve legal penalties without a doubt. Some situations are second-guessing the men and women on the street, who are doing a sometimes very dangerous job. They let someone go and they get blamed. They run them down and they get blamed.

Something is wrong with our police system when we see them beating up people with no excuse for it (happened in California to a white guy too); but Al Sharpton's suggestion, that the federal government take them over, is more wrong. Why do we have to listen to anything that man says? He drives me nuts and that hasn't changed with a loss of weight and a show on MSNBC, which I refuse to watch. He pushes himself into every cause possible and purely to aggrandize his name. Well, he has a reputation all right and it's as a show-boater, who doesn't care about the truth of any situation if he can get publicity from it.

And then there is this, which some might think doesn't relate to the issue above but in some ways it does. I read an article this week about why college tuition is so high. I won't post the link here, but it was in the NYTimes. Basically it said it's not that government is giving state universities less money. It is that they are top heavy with administrators-- highly paid administrators. The article showed how many they had before this horrendous rise in cost of a college degree started and how many now. It's definitely time the rest of us paid more attention to this. As it stands, the poor and the rich are the only ones who can go to college and not end up with a big debt when it's finished. With high interest rates, to go along with the high costs, they call that indentured servitude. This is wrong. 

With all of this though, the issue of racial and economic injustice, will anybody care long enough to do something real about any of it? The right just wants to end  government help for anybody but the wealthiest. The left wants it all and doesn't offer enough reason to trust them with more money. The middle, where I place myself, is tempted to drop out and quit caring.

Hillary Clinton won't be a help. It was Bill who gave us NAFTA, which it appears my mother was right about. It's not that trade isn't a good thing. It's that the trade bills we get always shaft the American worker. 

Oh, and I heard the other woman running as a failed CEO but a woman, who can fix the country's problems, Carly Fiorna talking on Glenn Beck the other day. For anybody who thinks she makes sense, check out her record as a CEO, the lady who never had a perk she didn't love and who damaged the two corporations she got her hands on. Oh yeah, she's a great choice if you don't mind more outsourcing and a lady who loves to live like an empress. 

Bernie Sanders would be a help on a lot of these issues for the workers, but can he win a national election? We might just find out as as far as I can tell, he's the only truly honest person running for the Presidency! 

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Rain Trueax said...

Another link for those remotely thinking Fiorina might be a good choice-- Actually I do have....

You cannot vote for someone because they are a woman or a minority. Ben Carson shows how poor a choice that is regarding voting for a minority. He is a doctor... amazing!