Tuesday, March 03, 2015

when the good guys-- aren't

Do you want to get really mad at government overreach and viciousness? You know the kind of thing that takes you back to Randy Weaver in Idaho and David Koresh in Texas where the government acted like outlaws themselves in their zeal for nailing someone for something.

ATF has done this kind of attack and gotten dinged for it. Once in awhile it has broken into someone's home, guns waving. The owner figures it's thugs and starts shooting. Turned out they had the wrong address. Ooops sorry we just killed you when you didn't understand we were the good guys.

I wrote a book some time back called Her Dark Angel which went into how government can be. I know right now this is all about police and shooting too quickly; but the kind of thing described in the above article has happened and most of the time, we as Americans are clueless about it.

In Her Dark Angel, the hero had been coerced into working undercover. When he tries to explain to the heroine how this works, she is horrified as she sees the government as being the good guys. He sees it as not always that different from the ones they are trying to catch.

Often my books have those in law enforcement as being the heroes but frankly it's not always how it works and the story above reminded me a lot of my earlier book.

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Ingineer66 said...

Wow. I mean everyone should know that looting archeological artifacts is a Fedeal crime, but this is absolutely crazy the length the Feds went through and the way they treated people. Hard core criminals get treated easier than that every day.