Monday, March 02, 2015

making the case for war

While John Oliver, on his wonderful HBO show, was showing us how badly our infrastructure is crumbling-- across the US because we aren't willing to pay to fix it, while some of us worry about the drought threatening the middle of the United States and into California (including a lot of Mexico), while others are concerned with too many children not being vaccinated leading to a return of diseased we haven't seen in decades,  while others worry about fair immigration laws, what is the right wing in Congress busy plotting-- a new war.

If Neocons get their way, the United states will be back in a war, this time with a far bigger enemy than the last ones. Neocons see only one solution to any problem-- bombing and killing. They are already rallying their support for such a war, which they do want. Part of that is asking Netanyahu to speak to Congress. This man wanted war before he got elected; so at least Israelis know what they are getting with him. Do Americans?

Right now, Americans don't want war. According to that article, it's why Obama didn't drop bombs in Syria in 2013, when he wanted to. Currently Americans don't want the kind of war we would face if we become involved in another land war in the Middle East.

Does anyone believe they can't though get jingoed into it? This is a country that spends its time in front of televisions, wants Twitter length explanations of any difficult subject, and loves the excitement of violent wars. Especially if it doesn't mean their kids have to fight the wars. It's how it worked to get enough people on board to invade Iraq where there was no excuse.

So the Neocons are busy again saying there is only one answer. Generally speaking, these are people who never fought a war. They hope to go over the head of our President and get one started anyway. If Israel bombs Iran, where does that leave us? I read an article claiming they threatened to do just that in 2014 and the US said, you head there with bombs and we'll shoot your planes down. They backed off. What I just said has part of the right wing salivating over the power to bomb regardless of the cost.

Well, why not, they don't intend to pay the cost. They just send off the troops (made up of sons and daughters from the lower and middle classes), cut more taxes, block any regulations on finance or environment, enlarge our debt, and then say it's the fault of Democrats when the debt spirals and we have bridges collapsing.

Amazingly, this tactic works with some Americans. Well, look at the size of the debt (18 trillion dollars), and you see the argument for it being a problem; but the solution to the problem of all that interest being paid is not what you might think-- increase taxes. No, it's cut them more and also all the programs that help the poor. It's their fault. It will be the same argument made if we got into what will be a far more major war with Iran-- pay for it? Why should we?

So Netanyahu is going to make the case for war and a lot of Republicans are going to cheer. Will that convince the rest of America-- enough to do it?


Celia said...

God help us!

Ingineer66 said...

So when Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear facilities in 1986, we didn't intervene or get involved in a war. And Obama sends troops to a dozen different countries or bombs Libya and Syria and threatens war with Israel and that is fine with the left, but you think the right is the group trying to start a war.

Rain Trueax said...

I have one question for you-- boots on the ground-- how do you pay for it?

Obama uses nuance and so far has not gotten us into another war. The fault of Libya and letting the rebels kill
Qadafi is rather like Iraq and Hussein. Were we, in the West better off with those guys or better off now with ISIS?

And if Israel bombs Iran, do you really think it will end there? This isn't Iraq. This is a powerful nation, large army and a lot more resources. AND we never actually defeated anything in Iraq except turn it into a battleground and now playing field for merciless murderers.

But since the right never paid for the first Bush wars, any ideas how they'd pay for a new one with a far more powerful nation?

Ingineer66 said...

Iraq supposedly had a large powerful army too. Remember Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw talking about the US needing 100,000 body bags for the Gulf War? How it was going to be another Vietnam?

And why didn't we defeat Iraq? Becasue the left demanded that we get out as fast as poosible. Obama pulled out without leaving forces in place to keep things in check. We still have troops in Japan and Germany and Kosovo, but couldn't leave any in Iraq so that Obama could give speeches and raise money for pulling the troops out. And now that it has gone to shit he says that he didn't pull the troops out. Somebody else did.

Rain Trueax said...

When Bush went into Iraq, he and his minions assured us it would be a short war and that the Iraqi people would quickly form their own government. He was warned that Civil War would be the result when you took out Hussein but he ignored that. So over ten years later, Obama tried to get a deal with the 'Iraqi' government that they would not try our soldiers for the 'mistakes' they might make in targeting a wedding or some such when they thought it was enemies. They could not get that. Iraq wanted us out. So what you are saying is you wanted a permanent occupying force where we could end up going to war with their government to protect our soldiers supposedly there to protect the country?

You need to read the details of why Obama agreed to pull out but it related to the hate the Iraqi people now had for us after multiple hits on the wrong targets. What everyone claimed would happen with a Civil war or new violent group taking over is what happened. But now it's obama's fault for not staying forever. I might add staying forever when the right wing is not willing to pay for these wars.

Right now I am so angry at the Republican right that it's hard to type anything here. I just wish more American paid attention to facts or were more moderate as I know you have been. The question is whether our nation is about to split apart itself. It seems possible given what the Republicans in the Senate and House just did in an attempted coup. I doubt it's over and if the American people keep voting for extremists, it will only get worse :( I am writing a rant on this when I can type without shaking in anger!