Wednesday, March 18, 2015

bummer of a morning after

It appears that Republican extremists, like Tom Cotton from Arkansas or the money backer behind many of these right wingers, Sheldon Adelson from the Nevada gaming casino billions, are going to get what they want-- a bigger war in the Middle East. They did all they could to keep Netanyahu in power but more than in power, locked into no solution for the Palestinian situation. War is very popular with some people-- not to mention profitable.

With Israel voting for a position that denies any hope for two states there, it isolates them also from Europe and some segments of the United States. Of course, the foxies probably are thrilled. They have some very mistaken ideas about the true cost of war as they too frequently are buried in rah rah talk.

Over and over I hear how in the 80s Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear power plants, and it worked. They didn't try again to rebuild. Of course, that was until Cheney/Bush convinced Americans they were secretly trying to acquire the capability, that most know Israel already has-- to build a nuclear bomb. There was no proof for that, but righties still claim it to be so. They don't need evidence. They are a faith based people, which is how they deny any climate change could be due to human actions. If you don't believe facts matter, you will believe anything.

So Netanyahu won... decisively and it looks like Israelis want war. Does that mean the US has to go to war with Iran to satisfy their desires? It won't be the same as it was with Iraq. It's a much more powerful country but who needs diplomacy when you can use bombs.

And back to the question fact based people always ask-- how do we pay for it? I know the foxie answer. They believed it with the other war that has increased our debt so greatly-- take it off the backs of the poor. The beauty of that plan is you can use their young adults to fight it too-- because you limited their chances of jobs anywhere else.

This was a depressing morning for anyone who does look at hard, cold facts. Rah rahs though, they are likely thrilled. :(

Update: When I wrote this, I thought afterward, maybe I am worrying for nothing. I came across the following this afternoon (3/20/15). Guess I am not the only one with that concern.

And here's an irony for you-- Obama evidently did a TV interview aimed at the Iranian people and was slammed viciously by the right wing leaders/pundits for daring to speak to them. Interesting that it was okay for the right to invite Netanyahu to address the American people on what our foreign diplomacy or war should be, but not okay for Obama to address the Iranians. Yes, I get it that they are the big enemy today, but they used to be an ally. Does any of this sound familiar?

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