Sunday, February 08, 2015

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Lately, I must admit that I have much more interest in human interest stories than I do in hard news. Well, exactly what is hard news anyway? What is happening with ISIS? Taxes and deficits? Who will be running for president in '16? Climate change? How much can we know about any of that-- at least for now.

As to what I mean about human interest stories, a recent example would be the transgender story of Bruce Jenner. I have followed it-- although I have never seen a single episode of the Kardashians and am sure I'll not be watching whatever show revolves around Jenner making the transition to a female.  I do though find it interesting; so am reading the stories that come along.

It was amazing to me that a man could wait until he (I am using he because as I understand it, until he makes the transition, he is appropriate) was 65 to decide to make a change from male to female. I was surprised that he could have gone through all those marriages and had all those children and not dealt with this sooner. 

On the other hand, it makes sense. I remember when I turned 60 and thought-- I've done what I had to do, what was expected of me to do-- the rest is for me. Maybe that's where it's at for him. Certainly his kids are beyond this being a huge deal for them. A bigger deal has been how their lives have been exploited by reality tv but then that has also made them wealthy, so...

In following the Jenner stories, I came across one regarding his recent auto accident, which led to a woman being killed. The media is full of it since some are mad at Jenner already over having been in the Kardashian shows and others for turning female. As was the case with deflategate, the media is eager to jump onto a story like this without waiting for the facts. This hunger for instant news is part of our world today but not an admirable part.

When I saw the photos from right before the accident and right afterward, it aroused some questions. How does a photographer take photos right before an accident? One way occurred to me-- they were there waiting for it. Jenner said he had earlier been followed by Paparazzi. What if they didn't feel him in a vehicle was enough story and created a bigger one? It would not be the first time if so.

Try this scenario. They see Jenner driving down the highway pulling a trailer. Either they pass him or they call someone else up the road and tell them he's on his way. I am not sure if there has been any investigation yet regarding the driver that triggered this tragedy, but it was someone driving a Prius who suddenly stopped in the highway. I have read it was a female and she claimed it was for a light-- except the police aren't buying that as the light was 300' ahead or something like that. So what if the photographer was waiting for an accident they knew was about to happen as they were going to cause it?

The leading car, a Prius slams on brakes. Driver of Lexus slams on hers to avoid accident. Jenner slams on his and the photos start happening as he's almost on top of the Lexus. He is though pulling a trailer; so his stopping time is not as fast, and he hits the Lexus. He was turning to try and avoid her and that pushed her into the oncoming traffic where a Hummer slammed into her and killed her. Lots of photos are taken of the aftermath, Jenner in particular. They immediately show up on tabloid sites. 

Who profited from this accident? Is someone ruthless enough to cause an accident like that just for money?

It reminded me of something that happened to us a few years back. We were on a country road where the speed limit is 55mph. We were coming to where a road crosses it with stop signs on both sides. Two cars were there and the second one back, a beater, zoomed out right in front of us and then slowed down. My husband slammed on the binders, and we were able to avoid the accident with a lot of accelerated heartbeats. We assumed at the time that the plan was that we'd hit them and they'd sue. It happens.

What I just described to you is all human interest, character and what often happens in life. Where it comes to Jenner, it might not be what happened, but it's the kind of story I prefer following.

Another story that is much in the news is why John Boehner would have invited a head of state to speak to Congress, a leader from a region where war is always on the precipice.  Is this borderline treasonous when there are ongoing debates regarding sanctions against Iran, where that leader, Netanyahu is running for reelection, when the President of Boehner's own country was not consulted? Why would someone do this other than to undermine his own government because he really wanted to run it-- except he wasn't the elected leader.

The energy behind both these kinds of stories can be used in fiction for how characters manipulate each other, but one has me more upset because it impacts my country in a very direct way. Well, maybe in some ways the first one does too as the insatiable appetite for scandal in our culture leads to some of the desperate risks paparazzi take to get their photos with no concern for other humans. 

This does not even touch on why a news anchor might become a pathological liar... or maybe it does ;)


Celia said...

I had some of the same thoughts about the before and after picture of the accident involving Jenner.

The news has been very distressing and I'm distancing myself from it again for awhile.

Ingineer66 said...

I question Boehners actions as well. Have other Speakers invited heads of state to speak? I haven't researched it yet.
I have watched Brian Williams on the news and on Jimmy Fallon and I like him, but these stories are crazy. He should resign and let Lester Holt take over.

Rain Trueax said...

Boehner can't get anything through the House that ends up law. He's a bad joke and yet he's second in line to be president. Why the Constitution has the Speaker and not the leader of the Senate is beyond me. Boehner could not even get the majority of Ohioans to support him, let alone of the country. It is amazing though who they pick like Harry Reid in the Senate or now Mitch McConnell. What's bad about what Boehner has done is the country does not need or want another war. It hasn't been willing to fully pay for the ones it has had; so why do something that could derail a peaceful solution with Iran. I think Boehner has to be somewhat of an ego maniac although-- who isn't in that world *s*

The thing with Jenner is the photos right before the accident. Who takes shots like that? If it was just the aftermath, it'd be less suspicious. But the real question is why that Prius stopped on a major highway where it did. Hopefully the police will figure it out.

The other 'funny' thing is how they call the driver who died-- elderly. Jenner is 65 and she was 69. These days they use elderly way before a person would expect... or where I'd expect. Exactly where does elderly kick in? *s*

MandT said...

"I've done what I had to do, what was expected of me to do-- the rest is for me." So many of us hope that our sixties would be a time for renewal and pursuit of those wishes and dreams now made possible. We had so little time together in the new world of possibilities.

Rain Trueax said...

Well, I did what I wanted to do in terms of having children, this farm, my marriage, and other choices through the years. But I also took into account what others wanted more than I felt I had to do once I turned 60. I am still living a lot of the same things though but I don't feel it's because others are made comfortable by it. It's my choice. Putting out my romance novels, with my philosophy and the sexuality, came under that category ;).

Frankly I admire Jenner for having the courage to do it in a world where he's so much seen. It might help younger kids who feel there is no way for them.

Rain Trueax said...

And you didn't get many of those years with Trace but you are still here and you might find something ahead that will amaze you :) Let's hope

Ingineer66 said...

Well at the Indian Casino the "senior discount" starts at 50. :-)

Ingineer66 said...

But I would agree, elderly used to be 70's and up but now I would say 80's and on.

Rain Trueax said...

movie theaters often at 50 or 55 which always seemed crazy to me as that's when many are making their biggest incomes.

Ingineer66 said...

Yes. In the US people over 55 have more wealth than people under 55.