Tuesday, January 06, 2015

TransPacific Trade Agreement-- all bad or only partly bad?

Most of this rant comes from Ranch Boss because he has seen how this plays out in the world of small, start-up businesses. His ire was fueled by this article:

"THIS IS WAY BIGGER THAN THE GMO ISSUE. It is a way to force GMO or anything on everybody and only lawyers and large corporate leaders and investors win. The rest of the world loses. For those who have feared the UN taking over control of the American Heartland, they should fear instead large multinational corporations such as ADM, Dupont, DOW, Pfizer or some foreign branch of a software company or communication provider.

"Forget the name ..think NAFTA. It is the content and enforcement paragraphs that screw the people. It might sound good but what is inside is what changes its meaning. What is inside was placed there by those who know most will never bother to look, and they will make a fortune off the backs of not just the little people but everybody that isn't them.

"The investor fund managers that I listen to weekly, have been saying for awhile that something good is coming soon to foreign trade and patent rules that will make for stronger company portfolios. It will happen by adding evaluation justifications and enabling more startups to get control worldwide and not have a Chinese or Brazilian or India based company 'steal' everything. 

"That 'plague' of theft WAS important a few years ago, less now with wider information access and line item import-export tracking, but this promised remedy is worse than the disease. Too many lobbyists and too little open exposure with time to unravel the possible scenarios."                                                    Ranch Boss  

Here's the thing-- for all the talk that Obama has been a socialist, out for the poor people at the price of the rich, look at what he's actually done. He's far more a capitalist and has appointed at the head of all his economic teams those from the venture capital world. He made his health care issue profitable for insurance and pharmaceutical corporations. His progressive measures all come but not at the cost of Wall Street. Is there anyone out there to run on either side who would change that???

The Republicans are promising to immediately push through the XL Pipeline which they claim will give 42,000 temporary jobs to build it across American's heartland but later maybe a few thousand jobs or less. In the meantime this goes through areas that have had terrible earthquakes and over one of our major aquifers. It involves a technology that has, in the past and not that long ago, had leaks that are catastrophic to the immediate environment. All this risk and temporary jobs for oil that will go to Texas, be refined and shipped to South America. We are talking money to Canadian oil barons and oil to South America. The risk to the US, but the right is selling it as a jobs bill. 

This at a time when the world has a glut of oil and the price dropping is worrying those who consider oil the backbone of the economy. How many Americans know any of this or care? It really isn't the fault of the oligarchs. It's the fault of ignorant Americans who prefer to stay that way because their immediate life is just fine. They can't see into the future for where this is heading and they don't really care. All they care about is who won American Idol or some other reality show that isn't real. 

Okay, I got a rant in here too ;).


HMBabb said...

It seems to me that our whole system of government has devolved into two corporations competing to represent multi-national corporate interests over any interests of their nominal electors - never mind the non-voting public. I think the whole image of a republic is a sham today.We blew it.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree, Harold. Now what do we do about it? Americans are so easily distracted and buy into the advertising. I believe we can change it but we need good schools that teach the basics if the future is to look bright for voting.

Ingineer66 said...

It may suck, but it is Still the best system that has been tried.
Maybe the guy from Bain Capital would have been better for the country after all.

Rain Trueax said...

Great idea, ingineer-- let the foxes run the chicken coop for the 1%-- what could go wrong???

Rain Trueax said...

The sad part is we do have the best system but we are letting the richest buy it out from under us because most Americans are too lazy to get actually informed. They listen to somebody like a Limbaugh and call that learning. They don't read the bills or look at the actual economics. Worse, Bernie Sanders is angry that he can't even look at this bill. Unless you were on the committees that drew it up, nobody else in the Senate gets to look at it. They will cram it through at the last second. He doesn't like the looks of it either on various levels. I don't like it as it looks as though we will be letting other nations dictate our policies on too many things. If you think it's only dems doing this, you haven't been paying attention to your own party. Repubs represent the wealthiest and it's who they back. I'd like to know who backs the middle.

I saw a deal this morning where it showed the percentage of Americans in a union in 1910 when there was no middle class as such; then came unions and the middle class grew because small guys banding together can have power. Now back to our current era where the middle class is disappearing as are unions. Yeah unions abused power but they were our only chance as little guys to have a real voice. Who listens to one man unless he can donate a lot of money!

MandT said...

Sorry Ingineer, but it is most certainly NOT the best system ever tried. Classic capitalism carefully regulated raises every boat, but what we have now is late stage predatory capitalism and its desultory effects of 'our way' of governing has resulted in a serious decline of democratic values and the rise of oligarchy. As for Romney, a slicker, more attractive fascist can hardly be considered better for the country.

Rain Trueax said...

Good answer, MandT :)