Thursday, January 15, 2015

discernment... or not

I listened to a bit of Rush Limbaugh today. For a little while I agreed with him as he was discussing the Oscars and the hullabaloo that is being raised over there not being a nominee who is black. He didn't say it, but I thought it. So they are supposed to nominate someone for that position who is politically correct? Of course, they probably do, which is why the Oscars actually mean nothing to me.

Then Limbaugh went off the deep end with again exaggerating what he saw regarding Obama not attending the rally in Paris, which was supposed to mean something but meant nothing. I had read one of the leftie articles I guess he was referring to except a lot of the commenters there felt as I did, not as the left wing pundit did. So do pundits express how Democrats feel? Not likely. Do then right wing pundits express how Republicans feel? Well if they vote that way-- maybe so...

I saw today that Joni Ernst is going to give the rebuttal to Obama's State of the Union speech. She was chosen by I guess Mitch McConnell. This is a brand new senator who has expressed extremely right wing views going so far as birther level. And she is the one they want as their spokesman. I never listen to the rebuttal... may not even listen to Obama but if there was any chance I'd listen to the right express their view for America, it sure wouldn't be one of the extremists. Not that they care as they don't want votes from someone like me anyway.

Not like I am delighted as I see Hillary going closer to nabbing the Democratic nomination for President. Right now neither party is thrilling me, and I don't see a candidate out there that I'd really like to see be President in 2017.

It's hard for me to resist rage though against Republicans when they do something like the House just did in regards the Dreamers. Now the right wing commenters, various places, seem clueless as to who these people are. They talk about how nobody can break the law. Except Dreamers are those who came here as children. Some were sent from countries where their life experience wasn't likely to be good. Some came with parents. One example is a boy who was sent to live with his grandparents. He then went on to college and finally to become a journalist. He's a worthy citizen but what the right wants is to see those like him live in fear of being sent back to a country they never even lived in nor in many cases speak the language.

Separate out those who came here illegally from these kids (Obama went farther then that with also adding in those who had come in the last five years not being in the same group as Dreamers), but the right cannot do that. They also seem to think most here without citizenship or papers came from Mexico. In reality it's like 40% came on a Visa and did not leave when they were supposed to, which means they probably came to work or go to school.

Republicans want to use no discernment and deport them all. Wait, they won't put out the money for that. What they want is for these people to live in fear. That's the real goal. It's a power game, and frankly goes back to my last post with those who don't understand that power is really not what any of us should seek as a goal. When we get it, without an understanding of what we hope to win, what good will the power do us?

To complete my following righties-- for as long as I can take it, I heard some of Glenn Beck. Now he is the opposite of Limbaugh in that he's very emotional and more concerned that he express a Christian life in his goals. So he was praising the 25 Republicans who had the guts to stand up against Boehner in his ruthless drive for power. Imagine a right wing pundit saying that, but he did as he also spoke about the film American Sniper and his emotional reaction to its message regarding war and its cost-- especially wars with no clear goal for what we might win. I made it almost an hour with Beck until we were beyond the zone where we get good coverage and to where I began to wonder how much of it was real emotions and how much was the drama king he can be.

Still he praised those Republicans who had the guts to stand up for what clearly is humane and Christian-- don't threaten to deport those who were brought here as children, who have been good citizens. Is there no ability to discern levels on anything? Well a party who wants Joni Ernst to stand up for them, to express her view for what the country should want, it really does not have that kind of ability.

Now will the voters in that party recognize it or keep on keeping on with the Palin mentality which Ernst definitely expresses? Right now I see no hope for anything but an increasing path toward fascism with their hate and fear of the other. Europe is going that way with the right and a lot of the right in this country want to do likewise... Or do they?


Ingineer66 said...

Tonight on the way home from work in Redding I listened to a couple of guys making fun of Boehner giving a speech on the House floor about Obama and the Constitution. It seems the right wing radio guys aren't happy with Boehner. When I hear him on the radio, I can't tell his voice from Obama. They sound the same and are equally not believable.
I have never heard of this Ernst person. I will have to look her up.

Rain Trueax said...

Before she was a US senator, she made a lot of comments that label her, to me, as a firebrand and McConnell wants to stick it to Obama more than sound logical. She introduced personhood bills in Iowa, wants to impeach Obama for being a dictator, apparently end ACA and the Education department. I imagine her saying she wanted to castrate Washington like she has the pigs back home played well with the tea party, but what that means is take the male and power out of them. So we want castrated Congressmen? Don't we really want men and women stronger with more commonsense and the willingness to fight for what is right, not those who wait to be butchered? She's supposed to be from the farm (she was in the Iraq war) but what does she really understand about nature of any sort?

She would eliminate the EPA because it'd save money though she doesn't know how much. I guess anything that costs money is bad except the military.

Here's a piece on her. Be interesting to see how much of this makes it into her rebuttal. I'd probably go nuts listening to her; so I'll just read it afterward.

Joni Ernst Conspiracies. Tea partiers are probably in 7th heaven over her-- unless they need help with health care insurance or want clean water and safe food or, well you know any of the things that the government should let business just manage however they wish...

Also, don't forget that despite Blogger putting that little box about proving you are not a robot. This blog asks for no such thing. Just post your comment. it should go right through. I've seen this box on other blogs that do not use the captcha-- same thing. Not sure why Blogger has done this.

MandT said...

Joni Ernst is fluent in Pig language so she will thrive in Congress.

Rain Trueax said...


Rain Trueax said...

looks like my link to what she has said was lost. It should be Joni Ernst Conspiracies

Tabor said...

One of the first bills out of this Congress required scientific researchers to stay away from EPA formal or informal meetings on what they find with their research. Of course, typical of the power grabbers (which GOP grass roots voters totally fail to see) is that Lobbyists that mine and frack can have full access to EPA to lobby against laws and enforcement. I am not happy with the other side, but will continue to vote that way as they are closer to my interests. We are losing both the battles and the war!

Rain Trueax said...

I saw that one too, Tabor. There is just so much to find amazement at. Really! Really? They want to do that?! It's hard to believe. We said it's what they'd do and yet I still find myself surprised and expecting them to use logic on something. So far-- not!